Accountants, who are Thought Leaders 😁. My personal Top Ten for 2018.

So, I’ve personally been “all in” on LinkedIn for just over a year now and more recently, on Twitter, which I’m still figuring out…

As well as posting loads of weird stuff on social media, I’ve also done a fair amount of reading, watching, listening and learning.

So, as we bring 2018 to a close, here is my personal, top tips, on the Top Ten “Accountant Thought Leaders” I “like 👍” and would highly recommend other accountants to frequently stalk, errrrr, I mean follow and exactly why…

So, first up…

Mark Telford, Telfords Chartered Accountants:

The Tony Blair of the Accountancy world, next stop Prime Minister. Just like the fresh faced pre-elected Tony who everyone loved, Mark doesn’t just address the crime, he looks for and addresses the “causes of crime”. That’s whether he’s keyboard warrioring his “challenger” style comments on posts…or…when advising and helping clients to address the root cause of the pain, instead of the sticking plaster. Okay that’s enough shite metaphors, check him out and you’ll see what I mean. I sometimes find myself clapping his comments, for real. P.S. Mark is nothing like Tony.

Glenn Martin, Avery Martin Accountants & Business Advisors:

Now I don’t know Glenn, we’ve never actually spoken, well at least not in a normal way (as a human and millennial I’ve made a note to remind myself that a chat over LinkedIn post does not make Glenn my friend 👍👍). But he clearly knows what he’s talking about and he’s bloody funny. The humour jumps off the page in his posts and comments. I’m a big believer in working hard, smart, but trying to have a craic as a much as possible, otherwise, what’s the bloody point. “Glenn’s Gems” as I now call them, which range from anecdotes about Turkeys, Greggs Pasty’s and a Rick Astley career comparator, are my favourite type of content. Sorry for calling you a Thought Leader Glenn, just embrace it “you thought leader, leading people with your thoughts you” 😬.

Lucy Cohen, Mazuma GB Ltd:

I also don’t know Lucy. I hasten to add at this point that I do know lots of people…actually 🙄. Anyway…Lucy is like the Beyoncé of the accountancy world. As the Author of the Millennial Renaissance, Lucy shares very frank and “real” content about the journey she is currently on. I like the fact that talented people, with maybe a slight lack of confidence, will read her content, “take control” and be inspired to leave their current job in The Empire, working for Darth Vader and go set up something for themselves with real meaning. I really imagine it’s given a few people the nudge they need. A must “follow” for all Darth Vader’s in large Empires, that is, if you want to keep hold of your best Jedi’s. In all seriousness, also for talented people in need of that very real and inspiring “Who Runs the World” nudge to take control.

Paul Barnes, MAP.:

Paul is like General Maximus, the guy you want to be in charge if you’re going into battle. He has a knack for explaining things to people in a really calm, brilliantly simple and yet EPIC way. One of those people who when he speaks or posts, time stands still, and you think, “shit that’s goooooooooooood” because it’s like chocolate. Sorry, that was a bit weird? What I meant was, delivered with such a convincing “He Da Man” type edge, but full of substance. Either he’s been hanging out with James Ashford too much or vice versa.

Marie Donaldson, Fresh Clarity:

Marie’s face will go bright red when she reads this…yep, there you go Marie’s face has just gone red. Sorry Marie. Marie is one of the most natural consultants I have spoken to. She should post more, but the posts and comments she does are very “real”, full of empathy, they “get you” in the ❤️, but then there is real motivational action to them (but not in a “shite” way). Do you know what, Marie is just like that in real life (that’s Zoom btw) as well, really understands people. I’m a fan.

Will Farnell, Farnell Clarke:

Again, quite how I’ve never met Roadshow Will I will never know. Let’s face it, it’s not like he’s been hiding. But whenever I’ve asked him questions over this platform, he always responds nicely and with lots of value. His book, The Digital Firm, is brill for accountants who want to change up their business model and become truly digital. Rumour has it, he also has a University and PUB in his accountancy firm, so let’s face it, he must be good value.

Alex Falcon Heurta, Soaring Falcon Accountancy:

Effortlessly Soaring like a Falcon through the accountancy world, trailblazing the digital pathway for others to follow. She knew what a tech stack was before it was even a thing. In terms of knowledge, she puts the “A” in App. I don’t know what any of that means, but it just sounded good in my head. I suppose the “A” could stand for Alex 🤔.

Alastair Barlow, Flinder:

The new poster boy for Accountants. Let’s face it, this guy is cool as f**k. His business is cool. Don’t lie, I know you are all thinking it accountants…I’ve just had the balls to admit it. As well as being a kilt wearing cool dude, Alastair says some really intelligent and insightful stuff about data and MI, curiously in a way that doesn’t make me want to drift away to the land of nod as a business owner…which is always a big plus 👌.

Aimeé Hargreaves, Ultra Accountancy:

Now, again, I don’t know Aimeé at all, but I really do like her posts, I think she conveys value very well indeed. So, she appeals to the client in me. Because if I was her client, and Aimeé explained how she had done something for me in “her way” I would either (a) buy it; or (b) value what had been done for me properly. I suddenly got all serious then 😳.

Simon Kallu, GrowFactor:

The Tony Robbins of Accountancy, or as I call him, “The Coach”. This guy is killing video and packing an insane amount of value into his 1-5-minute takeaways. Rumour has it, this strong man launches his clients into being successful. Turns the average into champions. This is the guy you want as your corner man if you are about to do 12 rounds with Tyson. He’s also a nice dude.

Now there is one final point I’d like to make in conclusion.

I know sh*t loads of other accountants and clients of ours who offer just as much value as these ten. Many haven’t been named because they are not “on here” as much, so I’ve not named them for that very reason.

Now if that’s because their clients and potential clients don’t hang out on here, then cool. But if that’s not the case, please get on here in the New Year a bit more. Because the truth is, and this is the truth, every single accountant I have spoken to in this last year has offered me some value.

So, get on here, get out of your comfort zone. Like. Comment. Post your opinion. Have an opinion. Share your value.

Because actually, that’s what accountants do best.

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