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So perhaps you’ve seen us at Accountex, or you’ve read some of the genius insight I share on LinkedIn, like the time I got trapped in a mosque, or why I married my accountant. 😁

Well you might not see it, but behind the scenes we’ve been working away like little beavers building the largest bloody beaver dam ever (metaphorically speaking of course) ….. 🐾

From concept… to initial build… to focus group testing… to deep dive learning… the big build… onboarding progressive early adopters firms… followed by EVEN more learning…..the result?

We have built tax diagnostic and tax advisory management software for Accountants and Advisers, that will quickly identify all of a client’s tax advisory needs; winning accountant’s new clients and driving revenues.

And now we can finally spread the word, so that more accountants can benefit from our, one of a kind software!

But the truth is without the incredible insight from our customers we’d still have a reaalllllly long way to go. And like any other software, we still have loads to learn…but our awesome customers have accelerated our continuous development. Thanks DTX’ers!

Here’s a little look at the journey we’ve been on with our customers….

Round 1 – Focus groups & deep dive learning

With our first build live and a number of customers ready to log on, to complete their first tax diagnostic, we were ready and armed to learn as much as possible about their first experiences…wow it was eye-opening!

Through hands on sessions, customers started to share some really useful feedback, about the realities of using the software….

“We need help prioritising tax issues identified” Amongst many, Dan Morgan (or Mr feedback) at Haines Watts Esher was the first to discuss this with us.

To help users prioritise tax issues identified, we added new toggles to select tax issues that are time sensitive, or of interest to the client, as well as descriptions to help less experienced professionals understand all areas identified.

“What if I don’t understand a question I am asking?” The crew at Murray Taylor were first to point this one out to us, cheers all.

To assist advisers when using the tool live with clients, we added new descriptive ‘whats’ and ‘whys’, enabling less experienced users to understand and articulate questions with ease.

“I want to make changes to the diagnostic report” This was a biggie, Paul Attridge at Beavis Morgan was the first to want to personalise his follow up. Quite right as well!

As well as a comprehensive diagnostic report, we developed a new area for users to build a tailored action plan exportable to word; giving them the control to include specific tax issues and tax content, whilst still providing the comprehensive report. We also included some worked examples to better demonstrate the impact of the guidance!

Thank you everyone!

Round 2 – The Big Build With some pretty fundamental changes implemented, the early adopters were starting to show their heads…and the insight just came coming. This phase witnessed some of the biggest changes made to date.

“Why are some questions repeated when you deliver both the corporate and individual reviews?” The eagle-eyed Tax Guru aka Justin Walton at PLS Tax was the first to feed this back. If anyone can, Justin can.

Customers were feeding back that a couple of questions appeared to show their face on more than one occasion when you delivered both the corporate and individual review to a client…

It was true. Originally produced as a linear set of questions, the tax diagnostic featured a number of vital questions relevant to more than one section or the separate reviews. We had to get technical. Instead of treating the sections individually we needed to revise the routing so that the results of a section, updated subsequent sections. So that’s exactly what we did. However, we now have super-duper intelligent routing and a more bespoke tailored report…LIVE. HUMONGOUS CHANGE 1!

“Why am I asked questions which are irrelevant for my client?” Thanks to Stephen Day at Finling Associates who was one of the first to really “deep dive” with us and provide numerous “specifics” on this point.

Customers were noticing that some questions would appear that just didn’t feel relevant to the client. Due to the comprehensive nature of the system we needed to ensure that all basis was covered.

However, there was a solution…. by inserting a series of preliminary questions to capture client personal and financial data – prior to the tax diagnostic – a user can now tailor the question routing to be specific to the client. No more irrelevant questions. This meant the questions became even more bespoke to the client profile, as did the report content. Super-duper bespokeness. HUMONGOUS CHANGE 2!

“I need somewhere to manage my prioritised tax issues” Marie at Clarity was extremely helpful investing her time to help us understand what she, as a small progressive firm owner, would need to help her manage and prioritise opportunities revealed. Awesome consultant, awesome at systems, awesome with feedback.

What the software is fantastic at doing, is identifying ALL the tax issues related to a client’s specific information. However, how to manage all those tax issues moving forward, needed some real-life input from the people who would be using it.

With this input, we built a new tax advisory management dashboard, to track, prioritise and archive tax issues, complete specialist fact finds and request quotes from our professional advisory panel.

Even more thanks!!

EVEN MORE great feedback….

Because of customer feedback we’ve been able to make so many valuable changes – it’s impossible to sight everything, but a great milestone has been Xero integration – at the click of a button customers can sync client data to personalise the tax diagnostic. Thanks to the team at MAP for helping us with the first stage of this! QuickBooks next!

But outside of functionality, customers also shared their strategies; with the majority of accountants using our software with new clients, and to win those aspirational prospect clients. In view of this insight we were able to devise a new pricing model and start work on a BIG feature……the ability to BUILD YOUR OWN TAX DIAGNOSTIC selecting which sections to include before meeting with the client…

Super valuable lessons learnt

Along the way we’ve also learnt some really valuable lessons, both about our software and our customers:

1). It will identify ALL of a client’s tax advisory needs and will win accountants new clients. 2). It gives small firm accountants the power to win those large clients they’ve always wanted. 3). It will protect and give peace of mind to small firm accountants that they can retain their most valuable clients. 4). Small firm accountants can really thrive with Diagnostax, they have no fear, they just want to get started!

Next steps, new features and the future…

But the learning never ends. Working with our customers, we are problem solving their challenges and continuously developing the software to make it work even better for them.

New features alert!

This October we will be launching two new awesome features: ‘Build your own tax diagnostic’ where users will have the ability to select the sections they wish to include in the tax diagnostic – thanks to well, basically every single one of our customers who have fed this back! We’ve listened 😉.

Thereafter it’s the ‘QuickBooks integration’, where at the click of a button customers can sync client’s data to personalise the tax diagnostic. Turns out we have as many clients using Quickbooks as we do Xero, so again we listened!

Can’t wait to lap up the next round of feedback from our new focus group customers as well!

Looking to the future

We’re delighted to introduce Tim Johnson CTA, to the board of Directors here at Diagnostax. Tim has led a varied career, both as a Chartered Tax Adviser and Director of three successful businesses.

In many respects, Tim uniquely understands first-hand how tax is just a function like any other. With the proper processes and systems, tax advisory can be delivered in scalable, more impactful way as a service to clients, and to empower professionals. Tim’s main role is to focus on the infrastructure around the content and development side of the software, working closely with key partners, as we transition through our next phase of growth.

We are absolutely delighted to bring his unique insight, qualities and skill set on board!

Find out more about Tim and what he’ll be doing at Diagnostax.

Want to know more?

Put simply we’re passionate about tax advice, helping small businesses to flourish and making sure those individuals and businesses who need tax advice, get it. If you want to know what we’re all about you can check out our story here, it’s even got all the good stuff like our vision and values!

Our customers use our software to help grow their businesses and drive even more value from their existing customers. If this sounds like your kind of thing…….DM me on LinkedIn @GwilymDavies and we can have a chat.

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