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How to explain tax planning… through dentistry 🤪

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Last month, I wrote a post about going to the dentist – this is the gist of it…

I’m an idiot.

As I walked out of the dentists on my last visit, I realised it.

(I also realise it’s already been obvious everyone else… but it’s taken me a while 😁)

Dental check-ups are like tax advisory review check-ups.

If you think you don’t need them…

You delay them.

You cancel them altogether.

It’s just idiocy.

Because you actually build up problems, which cost more to fix… and you lose money you could have saved or created. In the short term and long term, you ARE losing money. You ain’t saving money.

You ain’t too busy, you are a busy fool.

On the dentist side, I’m an idiot.

I’ve just spent my kids’ inheritance on the dental work I’ve had done and, to top it off, I now need to wear a mouth guard to bed 😳. Mrs D will seriously be taking the p*ss.

That’s the impact on my life.

Fortunately, #tax wise I’m okay, phew 😅, because when it comes to tax advisory and planning, I’ve made money through initial savings and as time went on. Tax planning is an investment, not a cost.

So, please, don’t be an idiot when it comes to your current or future tax planning position 👊🏼.

Or your dentist for that matter 🤔.

The same applies to your clients – a cancelled, or postponed meeting isn’t the end. It’s a sign that your clients really don’t get tax.

Perhaps you need to tell them some sort of wacky analogy about dentists! I bet they’d understand a little better.

…but where are you going to find an example like that? 👀

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