• Gwilym Davies


Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Clients think tax is boring 💤.

They switch off at section numbers, references, or preaching about your tax expertise 💤.

What they like, what they want to hear about, is the way the tax advice and forward planning you deliver, can make them ‘feel’. The feeling of INTAXICATION 🕺💃🏽.

It’s a feeling a client gets when their #accountant saves them tax through the grossly underutilised and under claimed allowances, deductions, exemptions, incentives, reliefs and planning opportunities…allowing them to feel…

• Certainty • Significance • Variety • A connection with you • Growth

This is the feeling that focuses the client’s mind on paying for the additional service of tax advice and undertaking tax planning.

So, let’s communicate the real VALUE of tax advice and planning and make them feel INTAXICATION when talking about tax.

Remember, your clients will never forget the way you make them FEEL.

So, make them feel INTAXICATION when talking about tax.

Post-it noted a few in the video.

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