Life at DTX: Oscar’s day in the office

The average cost of raising a child to the age of 18 is £150,753, apparently.

My eldest child Oscar, is 6 years old and between school, too many hobbies, holidays and the “gifts”…errr sorry “rewards” we give him for “doing well”, I reckon I’m close to that number already!

So, to claw some money back, errr…sorry, to teach him some “real” life lessons, I put him to work.

It was nothing to do with the fact it’s half term and my Mum’s on her hols, honest!

Genuinely, I was so proud of him though, as he was such a good boy, plus he really enjoyed it!

Yesterday he:

Joined the Directors huddle.

  1. Mapped out some new processes.

  2. Took a few breaks at lunch and either side to play wallie, smash a few balls down the pockets, mess about on the ipad.

  3. Set some new goals and objectives for the next month with Marketing and Customer Success.

  4. Reviewed customer feedback with our content and development team. Tim taught him what #cryptocurrency and a #will was! #teachertim

His verdict?

Better than homework, not as good as rugby and his favourite bit was eating a tasty pie and delicious caramel shortbread.

Good enough for me.

Some cracking takeaways and a photo collage to “show and tell” when he returns to school as well 😊.

#smallbusiness #reallifelessons #accountants #clawyourchildoutlayback

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