LinkedIn: New kids on the block

Throughout November on LinkedIn, you might have noticed a few more new kids on the block from Diagnostax…..

Check out the some of the team below; connect, follow, make friends!

Tim Johnson: connect with Tim

He’s an early morning bird, who is rather partial to the crazy blend of legal, accounting and mathematical challenges.

Here’s the kind of thing you can expect from Tim.

Samantha Hind: connect with Samantha

CTA tax expert, operational, projects and process queen. Is there anything Sam can’t do? We don’t think so!

Check out Sam’s latest post.

Joseph Gibson: connect with Joe

He’s a cat-loving, metal head, focused on making our customers successful.

Here’s what’s happening with Joe.

Abi Almond: connect with Abi

She’s a self-confessed perfectionist, marketing nerd and soon to be mum!

Here’s the latest post from Abi.

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