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NEW Onboarding for Diagnostax customers

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We’re always evolving, adapting, and improving. It’s one of our core values to ‘Break the Mould’ and ‘Raise the Bar’. Earlier this year you’ll have seen our COVID-19 Tax Toolkits. These are part of some big changes to our subscription, enabling you to do more tax advice for those businesses who need it most. 

Getting the most from tax diagnostic software

An area we’ve revamped, that you may not be aware of, is how we onboard new customers. Our long–standing customers haven’t experienced this new onboarding process. But we feel it’s too good to be missed. It’s all about getting you to…

  1. Define your levels of tax advice

  2. Price them

  3. Set your process of delivery 

  4. Market your services

BEFORE WE START: Do a Tax Diagnostic on yourself.

Have you done this? It’s an exercise that gets you to experience the service as a client, and also gets you used to the step by step process of a tax diagnostic review. The aim of the game is for YOU to save on tax, just like it is with your clients.

To do a tax diagnostic on yourself…

  1. Select the ‘Company’ diagnostic

  2. Select the sections that build a tax diagnostic proportionate to what your business needs now or might need in the foreseeable future, tip: it doesn’t need to be every section!

  3. Answer the questions truthfully, you’re a business owner. Leave your accountant hat at the door 😉

  4. After completing the review, prioritise 3+ tax issues & then book in a call

Before you do anything, do a tax diagnostic on you!

Define, price, deliver, and market tax services.

It’s SO important to know exactly how to define, price, deliver and market your services. Otherwise, how do clients understand them? How else can you talk about and sell them with confidence?

Clients generally don’t know what tax advice (saving) services they need, or that it all depends on where the business is at in its life-cycle. Here lies the problem.

If the client doesn’t understand what they need, or the service they’re paying for, they’ll believe that ‘everything is just covered’. 

Well, we’ll help you make sure you don’t have clients like this. We’ll help you define and price your tax advice services, so you can put your packages on your website, and in your pricing software.

1. Define Your Services

We’ll make sure you can clearly show a client what they will receive and why – from a ‘Starter planning tax diagnostic’ all the way through to an ‘End Game Tax Diagnostic’.

2. Price Your Services

One size doesn’t fit all, when proactive advice is on the menu. We’ll help you to price your services in accordance with what a business needs. Price your services based on how much you can help them save.

3. Deliver Your Services

We will help you deliver it in way that puts you in control, without any pressure, and is efficient time-wise. From the clients perspective, they get a short discovery call followed by an impact call.

4. Market Your Services

When you’ve got a service that is defined, priced, systemised, and tested… you can market with confidence. We’ve even designed and written some marketing templates for you. But that’s just the start….”

If you’d like to get started with this, book a call with me (available to all from October). The first thing you need to do is, do a tax diagnostic on yourself! 

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