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Updated: Feb 16

We’d like to introduce you to our pal and panel member, Radish Tax.

Radish Tax work with SME’s across the UK to deliver R&D Tax Credits, with a vision to make R&D tax relief available to every business who is entitled to it, helping them to grow and prosper.

Radish found that clients can be easily missed – especially small businesses – because the client themselves don’t think they qualify, or because an adviser has previously ruled it out.

But Radish pioneer that R&D can be found in ANY industry, so it’s always worth considering every client, not just by industry.

Read how Radish unearthed a £5K claim for APAC Ltd, a professional archaeology services provider.


Radish focus on four things:

One, efficiency for your client and you.

Two, delivery of lower level claims, thanks to our efficient platform and processes.

Three, access to a comprehensive tax review, adding even more value to your client.

Four, a full review to identify all clients qualifying for R&D, even those you’d maybe not consider.

The Nitty Gritty

NON-COMPETE: As a Diagnostax panel member, the relationship with Radish is 100% non-compete.

R&D CTA SPECIALIST: A Radish R&D consultant can be listed on your website – even as part of your team.

COMMERCIALS: 20% of fees to you the adviser as standard but they will agree bespoke arrangements for it to “work”.

CLIENT REVIEW: Review of client base to help protect your clients from other R & D boutiques and accountancy firms.

EXTRA MILE MARKETING: Support capturing feedback and producing case studies for a marketing campaign.

DIAGNOSTAX: Radish will help with the sale of a tax diagnostic to your R&D clients.

Got a client?

As all businesses – no matter how small – could qualify for an R&D Tax claim, so for those clients with a December year end, who you think might qualify for R&D, book a call with Radish, they only need 1 hour of your time.

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