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Stood half naked in a hotel lobby; how not to meet your wife’s boss.

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Stood half naked, in a hotel reception, is definitely not how to meet your wife’s boss for the first time.

This is my very personal, very embarrassing, Christmas do disaster.

So, be warned this Xmas!

Okay, to set the scene, this was a long, long time ago, before I was even married……and I was invited to attend my now wife’s work Christmas party. She’d only just bagged her first ‘proper job’, so it called for good first impressions and all that. At this time in life, I had a job, but I was pretty skint; regardless I booked us a room in the swanky hotel of the event and it was set to be a good party.

So how the hell did I end up half naked in the hotel lobby?

Well, to cut to the chase, I was alone in the room getting changed. Mrs. D had bumped into a mate in reception, so I said I’d run up to the room and get changed. I quickly jumped into the shower, but the dial was faulty…in fact it came off completely in my hand – water was EVERYWHERE! 😳💦

I rang reception. No answer. I called all the other possible numbers. No answer. WTF!

Water was flooding from the bathroom into the main room and panic set in.

WARNING! What follows is a series of thoughts and events in my mind…sorry to take you into the mind of a very early 20’s Gwil but…

“Okay, Gwil…think! Idea 💡!

See, if you can see anyone in the corridor….don’t forget to put a towel on 🤣.

Flip, that towels small? It doesn’t matter, you’ve not got time…

Open door. Look out. Someone is in the corridor, yippeee my saviour 👏👏👏👏.

WTF are you doing, you’re in a towel Gwil?!


Shhhhhhiiiiiiitttttt, the door has just shut behind me 😱🙈.

Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.

Oh no, my saviour has run away!

Ah, water’s coming into the corridor!

Think Gwil, think 🤔!”

So, there I was in a towel, with what felt like my only option….I had to brave it and go down to reception. I decided to take the five flights of stairs as I couldn’t face the awkward journey in a lift. As I passed people on the stairs I spluttered, “Don’t mind me!”….Don’t mind me?! I must have looked crazy!

I reached reception phew, and then my heart sank. It was rammed and there in front of me was Mrs.D’s boss and he was looking directly at me. 😳

Why I did this, I have no idea, but my manners kicked in and I thought I’d better introduce myself. What else do you do whilst stood in a towel in a hotel lobby?

“Oh, hi John, it’s Gwil, Suzanne’s partner, silly me, I’ve gone and locked myself out of my room and the rooms flooding!”

Before I had chance to say anything else, Mrs. D had walked into reception. I tried to explain myself but, seriously…..there were no words.

So, there you have it…..my very personal, very embarrassing, Christmas do disaster. The silver lining to the story is, my wife went on to a very successful career and the best bit I even managed to get them a client!

The truth is you only get one chance to make a first impression so make it count, I certainly did!! 🤣🤣🤣

Happy Christmas!!

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