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Tomorrow, I'm heading to the Poland-Ukraine border

Tomorrow I’m heading to the border between Poland and Ukraine. From Saturday 12th March - Monday 14th March myself and Mrs. D will be based in Przemyśl, volunteering with World Central Kitchen, helping feed and serve refugees from Ukraine as they cross over into Poland.

If the UK government gets its bloody act together on visas, then there is the opportunity for us to help a family get back into the UK who have a sponsor. The family is a mother and three daughters. The mother desperately didn't want to leave her home but has reluctantly done so, to protect her family. She has three daughters, two in their early 20s and one eight year old. So far, they have already walked 300KM to try and get to safety. The father is staying to fight. If the UK government could just waive or amend visa requirements, they would be able to get to their sponsor now. But instead, they have to go to Warsaw or Germany to obtain the paperwork first. It can’t be done online. Unfortunately, at the moment, it’s not looking great because of the bureaucracy and hoops desperate people have to jump through to come over to the UK. However, we live in hope! I’m sure you will agree with me that the bravery of the Ukrainian people has been incredibly inspiring. The way Poland (as well as other surrounding countries) has helped and welcomed literally millions of refugees with open arms and no restrictions is so incredibly heartwarming. 142,300 people from Ukraine crossed the border to Poland last Sunday. They have taken in 1,000,000 thus far. The numbers this weekend are forecasted to increase again whilst we are there. If you would like to support me, you can donate directly to the World Central Kitchen charity here. 👇👇 (Also, just to confirm ALL donations go to the charity and I am funding the journey myself.)

Finally, please look out for my social posts over the weekend and share when you can, so that the link to donate is seen by as many people as possible.

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A little more about World Central Kitchen

When disaster strikes, WCK’s Chef Relief Team mobilizes to the front lines with the urgency of now to start cooking providing meals to people in need. WCK’s resilience work advances human and environmental health, offers access to professional culinary training, creates jobs, and improves food security for the people we serve.

Through volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, explosions, and the COVID-19 pandemic, WCK has provided tens of millions of fresh, nourishing meals for impacted communities. A donation to my campaign would go a long way to support communities with dignity and hope in their time of greatest need.

As powerfully stated by Chef Andrés, “Wherever there’s a fight so hungry people may eat, we will be there – we must be there.”

Please consider supporting my fundraiser or sharing my page to raise support among your network as well. Looking forward to what we can accomplish together!

Visit the World Central Kitchen website here.

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