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What is customer success to Diagnostax

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

At Diagnostax we believe there is a clear connection between the principles and practice of our own customer success and the quality of an accountant’s practice.

What is Customer Success?

For us, customer success has been the ability to align our own values of success with that of our customers. This means the accountant is at the centre of every decision we make.

Getting to know you

To achieve this harmony we as a company have made huge efforts to better understand the accountancy practice as a whole. It is clear to us that accountants are burdened with day to day deadlines and compliance requirements. This can often cloud the importance of initiating customer interactions and heightening service. These principles should be at the core of every accountancy firm’s business and it has been our intention to facilitate this shift by building a tool that brings back the importance of proactive service delivery.

Having a dedicated Customer Success Team means that we have been able to learn how to go about this quickly and efficiently. We have built a process to enable accountants to easily follow a few simple steps to ensure all of their clients receive a premium service and transform their practices so as to meet today’s expectations in an ever competitive and high-standard industry.

When an accountant successfully implements Diagnostax into their firm, improving their service and as a result retaining more clients and attracting new ones, we too as a business achieve success.

Working together for success

It is crucial that we as a firm continue to interact with our customers. During an introductory month with Diagnostax, we support our users along their journey to success. We have created content that is focused on getting users comfortable with the tool to allow easy integration and critically, make sure users get the most from our tool long-term.

Importantly, the decisions that went into building our tool are based most of all on customer feedback. Our talented and dedicated team continues to set goals, undertake bespoke training, and put trailblazers in place to continue to make the user journey and ongoing integration as simple as possible.

We believe our customers need our help to be successful, just as we cannot achieve success without our customers’ help. We are committed to introducing customer success into all of our customers’ businesses.

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