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You’ve got a problem. Your clients don’t get tax.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

“After 10+ years of working as a Finance Director in Construction Businesses, I learned how to communicate with and challenge Business Owners in a way that encouraged them to understand, value and take action on the numbers that underpinned their business and would allow them to achieve their goals”.

This was Mark Telford, on a call with me yesterday recounting how difficult it can sometimes be communicating and educating business owners on the fundamentals that underpin their businesses!

Numbers and tax go hand in glove. Similar to the numbers game, clients often don’t understand or value tax advice/planning, making it easy to shy away from.

Tax conversations will happen over these next few months.

So, to help with these, check out our ebook: ‘You’ve got a problem. Your clients don’t get tax.’

The ebook is based on our SME/OMB and individual client focus groups as well as some incredibly practical and useful hints and tips from some cracking tax experts, who, like Mark, can talk tax to clients in a way that encourages them to understand, value and take action 👊🏼.

Hope you find it useful.

Let me know what you think 😊. 

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