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Tackling the Cost-Of-Living with Tax Savings

As the cost-of-living continues to rise, small businesses are feeling the impact deeply, hitting both their personal and business budgets, as well as their employees. 

With soaring energy prices, rising inflation, good shortages, and supply chain issues, businesses have been hit hard. And all this is coupled with the very real concern that trade could drop off if people are forced to cut back their spending.

Well, we have something to help you!

Discover eight tax-efficient tips to help small businesses ease the cost-of-living burden personally and for their employees.... without resorting to increasing wages.


7 Steps to Client Discovery for Tax Consultancy

Every business owner has a real-life number. It is the number they need for everything behind the scenes, that they are working towards in their real life. 

It’s the things that matter most. 

But if clients want to succeed they need to get serious and look deeply at themselves and the business. 

One of the ways clients can do this is by understanding how tax advice and consultancy can help them achieve their real-life number tax efficiently. 

Discover seven areas of the essential information you need to know, to unlock tax savings opportunities that will help clients achieve their real-life goals better, faster, stronger, and tax efficiently!


Nevermind the Tech Stack. Here’s the Client Deck.

So, you’ve been bombarded with the message, ‘build your tech stack’ and you know it’s something you need to do. But knowing what to actually include in your tech stack is really tough.

With Xero advertising over 700 apps in their marketplace, how are you meant to know where to start?

But it doesn’t have to feel like an impossible challenge.

The secret? Start with your clients, not the tech.

Build a Client Deck instead.

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