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Our Story

We’ve been on a journey

It won’t surprise you to learn, Diagnostax didn’t just happen overnight. And where we are today, isn’t originally where we set out to be. In fact, we’ve been on an absolutely epic journey and learnt so much along the way and we know our journey is only just beginning.

So where does it all begin…

Well, it begins with one fundamental problem:

Insufficient access to tax advice, for those who really need it: SME’s, business owners and their families AKA the lifeblood of the economy.

Now if you work in tax, or perhaps you run a business of your own, you’ll have a feel for just how complicated tax is. 

Unless you’re a veteran Chartered Tax Adviser, being able to spot when tax advice is needed in the first place can be a challenge. And even then, it’s pretty much impossible to be a specialist in all areas of tax. We’re talking well over 15,000 pages of ever-changing (and don’t we know it 😊) UK tax code these days…

And we discovered that accountants and advisers simply didn’t have the time or resource to spot absolutely every tax issue, for every single client. Every single time.

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Coding Station

Technology is the answer! Or so we thought….

We knew business owners wanted to better manage their tax affairs; to help achieve their personal and business goals. But with so many rules, and so few advisors, these were not being used; the system simply wasn’t working as intended.

We started to think, if everyone could access the same level of tax advice, wouldn’t it be better?

We were experts in tax, systemising complexity and handling change. And we are big fans of technology.

Perhaps technology could help bridge the gap?

So through using our professional expertise and that of a variety of experts, we developed software to identify ALL of a client’s tax advisory needs. Huzzah! 

Problem solved right? 

Well not quite…

As we’ve ventured deeper into the world of Diagnostax – working together with our customers - we found that the tax diagnostic tech just isn’t enough.

Awareness and delivery of tax advice to clients are huge challenges too, further magnified by the sheer lack of tax expertise to go around.

If we were to achieve our vision, we needed to do more than focus on diagnosis, by producing the best-in-class sales, marketing & business development tools for tax advice.

So Diagnostax today isn’t just another piece of tech, it’s an ecosystem. It’s made up of five interconnected services, all working together to achieve one goal: more tax advice for SMEs, business owners and their families. 

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Image by Matt Walsh

Getting tax advice to those who need it most

Once upon a time we set out with a vision “to universally change the way tax advice is delivered”. But through our journey we’ve been brought back to the core of what really matters:

Getting tax advice to those who need it most: SME’s, business owners and their families.

We’re not here to replace advisors. Our customers are everything to us.

We want to empower our advisors to know more, do more and ultimately be more.

Are you with us?

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What is Diagnostax?

Find out more about the Diagnostax ecosystem and how we can help you build a sustainable tax advice and consultancy service for your clients

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