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Your Tax Services

There’s an unspoken truth about Tax Services

When it comes to tax services for business owners, we’ve discovered there’s confusion over what exactly tax consultancy and advice is.


This causes:

…..clients to have unrealistic expectations of you

…..and you end up providing tax advice for less money than it is worth, or even worse free!

To add a sustainable tax advice service for clients, you’ve got to start at the beginning and be clear about the services you offer….

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The 3 Areas of Tax Services

Tax services are no different to any other service you provide, so take them through the same process.
Define the levels of service, outline who they are suitable for and price!

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Tax services for clients include three broad areas:

Tax Compliance
This involves helping your client pay the right amount of tax that’s due e.g. a calculation for the amount of corporation tax on profits.

Tax Advice
Delivery of a singular area of tax work or tax planning to: improve your client’s tax position, to make a future saving, or get cash back into their business e.g. identifying and delivering an

R & D claim.

Tax Consultancy
Reviewing a client’s overall affairs; motives and applying tax

legislation to their situation, to see where they may benefit from advice retrospectively, currently or a future saving. e.g. some form of tax review.

Defining Your Tax Consultancy Levels

At each stage of a business’ lifecycle, there are different tax advice options to consider, to make sure a business is paying the most efficient amount of tax.

Most accountants will already have a defined tax compliance service; with tax advice delivered and charged for based-on situations that arise.

Tax consultancy though? Until now there has been no universal system for, reviewing a client’s overall affairs & motives and applying tax legislation to their situation, to see where they may benefit from advice retrospectively, presently and in the future.

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Attract, diagnose, and deliver more tax advice with Diagnostax

With Diagnostax you’ll have access to all the resource you need to add a sustainable tax advice & tax consultancy service for your clients.

Define Your Tax Services and the different levels of  Tax Advice & Tax Consultancy Services for your client.

Access resources to price your newly defined tax advice & tax consultancy service levels.

Download templates and content to get more tax work engaged for and converted.

Identify your clients tax advice needs & access the expertise to deliver the work.


Alasdair McGill

Co-Founder, Ashton McGill

"Tax diagnostics have plugged the tax gap in our service, and now we can add even more value to our clients."

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What is Diagnostax?

Find out more about the Diagnostax ecosystem and how we can help you define, price, market and sustainably grow and deliver more tax advice to your clients.

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