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Dentists can claim R&D Tax Relief

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Yep! It’s not an industry that immediately springs to mind when you’re thinking of clients that could have R&D. However, many practitioners can and do make R&D Tax Claims.

If you have dental professionals as clients, it is likely they will be unaware of this generous relief. Working very long hours and under a lot of pressure, time is rarely on their side. As you will have experienced with many clients it can be difficult for them to take a step back and see what they do as R&D, not just daily work!

What type or projects can Dentists claim for?

Here is a list of example projects in the dental profession that could qualify for R&D Tax Relief:

  1. Researching and trialling new techniques

  2. Developing new treatments & services

  3. Developing software to support the business

  4. Technological advances in 3D printing

  5. Technological Advancements Drawing In Dental Labs

  6. Projects aimed at improving clinical results and success rates

  7. New bonding materials and processes

  8. Research into different bone grafting techniques

  9. Trials in decontamination

What R&D Tax Relief Scheme is available?

Dental Practices are normally Small to Medium Enterprises, or SMEs as we know them. As such, R&D projects are eligible for SME R&D Tax Relief Scheme.

These practices could be claiming back up to £33 for every £100 spent on Research and Development.

How do I know if my client is eligible?

To be eligible clients need to be trading as a limited company and satisfy these two key criteria:

  1. Making a considerable improvement to existing technology: This does not always mean it is ground-breaking work. If a business is working to make their products, services, or processes, faster, less expensive, or better in some way, then this may be eligible for R&D tax relief.

  2. Overcoming technological challenges: Especially where the solution is not immediately obvious to a qualified professional.

If you’ve got dental clients you’d like to reach out to, we’ve developed a toolkit with all the resources you’ll need. At the moment this toolkit is reserved for Radish and Diagnostax customers but do drop us an email at if you’re interested in downloading the toolkit.

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