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Don’t Underestimate the Little Quirks

I have some seriously weird ways of doing things. I know I do.

Look at the way I ate my skittles today. Weird or what?

And trust me…that’s the least of my problems! 😁

However, we all have our little quirks. The things we don’t share because we worry what people might think. Or the things we keep to ourselves because we know they make us successful.

It’s what stifles innovation.

But if we just shared our quirks they could be bigger than “just us”.

You see, it’s these quirks that make us special. They can even be the first seed of a great idea.

Starting in someone’s mind, innovations are often linked to a quirk, or a need to approach something in a certain way…

Take all the new software for accountants: like GoProposal or The Gap 2014 Ltd. These will have started from a quirk…but probably needed to be drawn out of someone’s mind before realising the potential.

I find a lot of people don’t think they are special, but we all are.

Often successful people don’t share what they excel at, because they don’t actually know how.

We all approach things differently, so open up and share your quirks!

Sometimes, the way you eat skittles might just be weird…..or flip, you may have stumbled upon the start of something big!

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