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Feedback. It’s like Gold.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

There are little bits of gold that every single active business is sat on and that gold is feedback.  Every time you deliver a piece of work to a client, there is an opportunity for incredible feedback. In fact, every time you interact with a client there is an opportunity for feedback. Feedback to make service improvements. Feedback that gives valued insight. Feedback to drive future growth.

At Diagnostax & Radish getting feedback from our customers has been fundamental to the way we do things – as many of you will know. Telephone call, after telephone call of me asking you questions and getting your input… Marie… Paul…. James… everyone! Hopefully, you know how grateful we are.

But something I’ve experienced is how very few businesses properly maximise this free opportunity. Feedback from clients provides the highest quality proof of concept marketing your business can get.  Using your customers words, not your own.  With every piece of feedback there is a story to share. Your clients pretty much do the selling for you.

From just one conversation with a client, you can repurpose those same words to create your business: a testimonial, a case study, a blog post, social media posts, a video (if they are game), an email, or an infographic. The lists goes on. Then that content can be shared literally everywhere at the rate of Coronavirus. But in a good way. It can go on your website, brochure, blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok…..everywhere.

Imagine how many contacts who have got to know and like you.  Would they be tempted to finally pick up the phone, send you a message, book in a call because of that proof of concept case study you’ve shared? Maybe.

But to make this work for your business you need a simple system that will fit in. We love a good system at Diagnostax & Radish. Here we use a dead simple process. After we’ve delivered a piece of work, we schedule a call and take down the feedback. With permission we turn that feedback into a case study. From that case study you have all the content you need to repurpose for a testimonial, a blog post, social media posts, an email and you’re ready to get it out there.

Here’s an infographic, to show you how we work with our customers to take their client feedback from a case study to a mini prospecting campaign.

For you DTX’ers using Radish Tax we’ll capture client feedback and produce your case study and all the content you need, ready to use in your marketing. Got a client? Book a scoping a call with Tim to get started.

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