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How to ensure you meet the needs of your clients

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Accountancy is like any industry in that clients form the foundations of a company’s success. Without enough of them or the ability to attract repeat business, you are going to find yourselves floundering, which is why you need to make your offerings good enough to not only appeal to new clients but to keep your existing ones coming back to you time and time again.

One of the best ways to do this is through tailoring your services to deliver a bespoke package to each individual who approaches you. For those unsure of how to do this, we asked our team to help you out. Here’s what they suggested…

1. Localise your marketing

Although remote accountancy is entirely possible to perform, the majority of clients prefer to choose a firm who are local to them, either because they like being able to liaise with their accountant face-to-face, or because they want to know that they can sort any issues out in person should these arise. This means that the majority of your client base will come from nearby, so any online marketing should be sure to promote your location in order to draw the right sort of audience to your door.

2. Listen to their needs

Perhaps the best way to deliver a tailored accountancy service that ticks all of your client’s boxes is simply by listening to them. Take the time to not just perform your standard duties, but to get to know your clients and find out exactly what they would like to get out of your business relationship. This human touch will not only help to sell the customer experience to them but ensure that they’re so pleased with your performance that they come back to you time and time again.

3. Seek feedback

Remember that you have another fantastic tool at your disposal if you only make the effort to collect it: feedback. Most clients will be happy to share how they’ve felt about the customer experience with you, and indeed will actually be impressed that you’re taking the time to ask them for their insights. With this to hand, you can identify any weaknesses and work on improving them, so that you know exactly how to meet the needs of the businesses you work with moving forwards.

4. Invest in tax diagnostic software

Last but not least, software. Although we would always recommend that you follow the above advice, we do understand that lengthy conversations can be time-consuming, so where you can, you’ll wish to streamline the process and simplify your methods. This is where our tax diagnostic software can come in handy. By answering a series of questions relating to each individual client, it will instantly identify all of their tax advisory needs, so that you can deliver a bespoke package that ticks all of their boxes.

To learn more about Diagnostax and how we can help you, simply Book a demo with us today.

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