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Pro or Parrot?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

If you’ve bought a new bit of software… are you considering this before you start introducing it to your clients?

There’s a fine line between revamping your accountancy services, and reselling tech. You might think I want you to resell tech, as a tech provider, but I’d prefer to see tech fully embedded into your business. I want to see you harness the tech, for your business’ vision.

If you’re sticking to the software vendors vision, it’s a parrot’s service! 😂 It’s a ruthless way of putting it, and I’m sorry. I just love alliteration. I want to see how tech ties into your vision,  because when it does, it means the shoe fits perfectly.

A great way to start, is to test the software on yourself, first and foremost. As a small accountancy business innovator, or a solopreneur – you are business owners, like your clients.

Experience the service first-hand, put yourself in the client’s shoes – that way, when someone asks, “what does it mean for me?” You’re the voice of experience.

When you take on new software, there’s a risk of making the mistake of reselling the software to your clients, especially if you slip down the Vicious Software Cycle.

Avoiding that is what this article is all about.

What is reselling?

You’ll know you’re reselling software when you’re struggling to talk the talk. You’ll know what to say most of the time – but what you’re saying will feel like theory, rather than speaking from experience.

This happens when you’re repeating key benefits, USPs and an explanation of the concept – as you’ve learned them for networking, reading online and watching videos. Squawk. 🦜

Experience comes over time, without a doubt. And you’ll get it, through client experiences, but I believe you should be getting experience before involving a client. It’s better for them, and it’s better for establishing your services with confidence and stability – from the word ‘Go’.

Reselling should be avoided as early as possible.

How to avoid reselling – Do it on yourself

I’m going to be honest with you – this logic is for Diagnostax, but I reckon it’ll be worthwhile for Clarity, Fluidly, The GAP, Go Proposal, and so on…

To avoid reselling software, you need to be speaking as an expert. How can you accelerate that jump?

  1. Speak as a voice of experience

  2. Use real life, to help your clients understand how it applies to their… real lives.

To experience the software, you need to do a practice run, on your business or yourself, using your real-life scenario.

Take your accountant hat off and think like a business owner …and think about how the results of the service impact your life, your business and your family.

Then you can advise your client, business owner to business owner, as well as expert to client.

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