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R&D: It’s simple…rule it in, or rule it out.

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Guest blog: James Middleton, Elevate Advice

But we can’t claim for R&D?

Sound familiar? It’s something I hear way too often from new clients, but around 50% of the time it’s not true. When a client tells me their previous accountant ruled them out, or that they don’t think they qualify, I don’t take it as fact. Business activities continuously change, and it can be very easily missed if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Rule it in, rule it out

We have a rule at Elevate Advice, and it is a simple one: since partnering with Diagnostax & Radish, I have taken every single client through the R&D Tax Relief eligibility process, so that I can with confidence rule them in, or rule them out. I can now with confidence say I have R & D covered for all my clients and I have an awareness for those that will have it in the future.

50% ruled in

Through this process with Diagnostax & Radish, I have found around 50% of our clients are eligible for R&D Tax Relief, which is great for the clients, securing cash to invest back into their businesses to help them succeed.

It’s about trust

It’s our duty as advisors to fully understand our clients and deliver them a quality service to meet their needs. Through partnering with Diagnostax & Radish, I can say with confidence that I have R&D covered for all my clients and I have my clients trust to select and work with the best.

Working with Radish

My experience working with Diagnostax & Radish was great. Radish Tax are very different to other tax professionals, it’s not about quoting section numbers and showing off what you know – as nobody cares about this. They are approachable and make it simple for the client to understand. They ask questions first, to help explain it better to the client – absolutely no professional arrogance.

If you want 100% confidence you have R&D covered for all your clients, get in touch with Diagnostax & Radish and they’ll quickly be able to determine which of your clients may be eligible to make a claim.

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