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Software Update: 5th October 2023

Have you seen what's new in the software?

2023 has seen Diagnostax push for a huge spike in software updates. This is just the start. Watch my video, and read our blog, to find out the fuller extent of this month's update.

Our development pipeline is huge. Keep your eyes peeled for the next batch, we've got some REVOLUTIONARY updates coming in later this year. 👀

Update 1: Select Your Package

It’ll tell you what, isn’t it hard to remember…

  1. Where guidance downloads are stored

  2. What the lifecycle stages of every business are (Startup > Stable > Growing > Expanding > Concluding)

  3. Which areas of tax should be discussed for each lifecycle stage

So, you no longer have to!

We have added the different Packages to the software!!

So now, when you’re filling out the preliminary questions, and building your tax diagnostic review, you can simply select whether your client’s business is stable, growing, expanding, or concluding. And of course, there is guidance with each of these lifecycle stages.

Now isn’t that handy!?

Action Owner

Once the tax diagnostic review is complete, the easy work is done.

Taking the results and turning them into an action plan has so many potential outcomes, directions, and routes… that it can feel like a maze!

Somehow, Diagnostax has to make this as intuitive and natural as possible.

We like to do the thinking so that you can do the delivering.

That’s why we have added an extra step to the Tax Issues and Action Summary stage.

Information overload is no joke, and when it comes to tax, it often feels inevitable. That’s why we’re doing everything we can to break things down into bite-sized steps, micro-decisions, that help you break down the potentially huge results into focused grouped actions.

Each tax advisory opportunity has the potential of leading to numerous potential actions, that depend on expertise, experience, responsibility, and availability.

Yikes! That’s a lot of ifs and buts!

One thing we can say for sure is that it’s either going to be your firm, your client, or an outsourced expert who is going to take the action forward.

So, you start off with a holistic list of potential tax issues worth considering.

Then, you prioritise the top ones that you want to take forward.

And now!!! Now, you look at each prioritised tax issue and decide…

Is this something I know about? Yes/No?

If yes, does your client need to do something, or is it something that you need to do?

If not, are you going to look into it further, or would you like to reach out to the Diagnostax Tax Panel?

Now we have 3 groups of actions. Quite organised don’t you think? And that organisation is then translated into your actions summary, aiming it easier to go through the results.

Other Updates

There’s no need to go into too much detail here. All of the tables and charts in the software now have additional dropdowns, filters, and sort functions on them. As your data builds, you’ll come to appreciate this!

You’ll see them naturally, as you interact with the software. No need to think about this too much. It won’t change your process, just make it easier.

It was a lot of work, but long term... it’s worth it 😊


We’ve fixed some bugs in the preliminary questions. Thank you, to those who spotted and reported them. For those who didn’t notice, carry on working! But please let us know if you see anything else.

Keep it coming!

As always, keep the feedback coming. The more you share your suggestions with us, we can make the experience even better.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!!!

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