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The Vicious Software Cycle

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

So this is an idea of ours, that has influenced how we’ve developed the onboarding process for new Diagnostax users.

Some software buyers will be familiar with this cycle.

Those of you that aren’t probably onboard software properly. Or maybe you commit time to educating yourself, mapping out your process and establishing your marketing messages… or maybe you’re just very lucky.

The alternative the great onboarding, committing quality time and good luck is to go round and round the Vicious Software Cycle…

Ooh! Shiny new software. There’s a gap in your service, that some software can fill. You’ve found the right bit of kit and it feels like the answer to all of your problems.

It’s mine! Problem solved, right? You’ve bought the software, but it takes that human touch, and dedication, to make it work. The software creates better system/process. “I still need to learn how to use it, train my team, and educate my clients”

Have a dabble. Woah there’s loads in here! The unique USPs of that software are headlines. You get a better appreciation for how it works, and what else is involved. “Now it’s real, it feels like a lot more work”

Endless possibilities! It’s exciting, there’s so much to consider and so much capability and opportunity. “Errr, maybe I’m a little out of my depth…”

How do I explain this to a client? The picture in your head is now way more complicated than the headlines you initially bought into. “This is pretty complicated, for me, are my client’s even gonna get this?”

How on earth do I sell it? “I can now elaborate on what I knew, I’m not sure which benefits clients even want to hear? My expectations have been raised, but it’s all theory. And everything’s more complicated. I’m just not sure what to say.”

If you fall down this path, you can end up giving up on great opportunities, or you can end up talking like a parrot, instead of an expert. You can end up reselling the software, instead of establishing a new arm of your business.

Client’s will still buy it, they trust your advice. But I don’t enjoy work that I don’t really ‘get’ – and I don’t excel with it. Could the same be said for you?

Does this cycle sound familiar to you?

If it does, consider…

Testing the software on your business, to experience the benefits first hand. Don’t base your work on faith and theory – it’s so easy to advise people based on personal experience, business owner to business owner.

Creating a piece of content about the test. How did it help you achieve Financial, Time and Mind freedom? If you deliver the work on yourself, and turn that experience into a piece of content for your blog… you’re going to have successfully turned your experience into a marketing piece, and a training piece, that will be sh*t hot in comparison to a list of USPs.

Software is more than a process and a result, the benefits are more than money – they connect to your goals, your family, your time and mind freedom. These are the things your client can appreciate, and these are the things that make services successful with clients.

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