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What does 100 customers equal?

How much time, money and graft would it take for your business to win 100 new customers?

Pause and think about that properly for a minute.

I recently won the equivalent of 100 new customers; without any net cost and significantly less work!

Referrals? Nope.

Marketing and sales? Nope.

Tax savings? Yes.

Last week when I was reviewing our business plan, determining what we want to achieve as a growing business over the next year; I realised we could reduce our new customer target by 100 customers!

So where did these 100 customers come from? Well…

(1) Rollover relief deferral

(2) Capital allowances savings

(3) Cash injection from an R&D claim

(4) Patent Box claim

(5) Capital VAT Goods Scheme savings

After professional fees, these savings equated to 100 new customers.

The funny thing is, despite working in tax advisory services for a good while, I didn’t view it as tax savings.

Instead, as a business owner, I immediately thought “that’s like 100 new customers!”

Achieved with zero net cost, less time and less graft.

This is the value of receiving quality professional tax advice. This is the power of intaxication.

Accountants, do you do this to quantify value with clients and does it work?

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