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Comprehensive tax advice for clients with Diagnostax

Offer a First-Class Tax Advice Service to your Clients with the Tax Panel by Diagnostax

Want better engagement with clients looking for tax advice? With a Diagnostax subscription, it’s easy to offer a reliable and scalable tax advice service to your clients.

As well as improving your processes, using our Tax Panel service will protect you from risk and help you to achieve the best client outcomes.

What is the Tax Panel by Diagnostax?

Already a Diagnostax DTX’er? Great news - you already have all of the tools you need at your fingertips. Simply log in and click on the Tax Panel area. From here, you can:

  • Access bespoke support on tax queries on behalf of your clients

  • Download template emails, visuals, guidance, and standard operating procedures

  • Find answers to FAQs

With our resources, you can communicate your tax advice process to clients with confidence. If you haven’t already used the Tax Panel service, now is the perfect time to start.

Still, need to sign up for a Diagnostax subscription? Discover the benefits of being a DTX’er here.

The Different Ways to Work with the Tax Panel

So, just how does it work?

You can choose to work with the Tax Panel in two ways. If you want to be open with your client about your relationship with Diagnostax, you can work with us as a partner. If you’d prefer to be seen by your client as the expert providing the tax advice, you can choose to work with us on a white-label basis. You can even choose to work with us on a partnership basis for some clients, and on a white-label basis for others.

Got a client with a complex tax query? If you’re already a DTX’er, you can log in and submit your client scenario to the Diagnostax Tax Panel, where it will be reviewed.

Working Together on a Partnership basis:

  • We will work with you to deliver the proposal, from completing the initial fact-finding questionnaire to emailing you a ready-made proposal for you to send to your client.

  • You can either send the proposal directory to your client, or we can send it from their Diagnostax email address.

  • You introduce us to clients as your tax specialist partner. Diagnostax will take on the engagement and invoicing.

  • Diagnostax may require your input to provide client information relevant to Anti-Money Laundering obligations.

  • Diagnostax will copy you into all email correspondence and invite you to all calls with the client.

Working Behind the Scenes

  • We will work with you to deliver a proposal, from completing an initial fact-finding questionnaire to emailing you a proposal to send to your client.

  • You can either send the proposal directly to your client, or we can send it. If you want us to send it, we will need to be set up to use your business email system.

  • If the client is happy to proceed, Diagnostax will work with your business to deliver the work to you, invoicing your business for the work (net of agreed referral fees we may owe to your business). Diagnostax will need Anti-Money Laundering documents from your business and your client.

  • You will retain ongoing engagement with your client to provide tax services. We can provide a template letter of engagement if needed.

  • Once set up to use your business email account, we will use your business email address for all client communication. They will arrange any calls required with your client on your behalf.

Diagnostax, A-Z Tax Advice & Consultancy function

New to Diagnostax? Our A-Z Tax Advice & Consultancy function will integrate seamlessly with your business. Our services, tools, resources, products, and tax experts cover the A-Z of tax advice and consultancy. Whether you want to engage with clients to start talking about tax, diagnose what tax advice they need, or deliver that advice, we can help.

Find out more about a Diagnostax subscription on our website.

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