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Unveiling the latest updates: Recap of Webinar

Last Tuesday, many of our customers attended a densely packed webinar outlining some vital information for Diagnostax subscribers. It was a showcase of all the latest updates, since Q3 2023, plus a demo of the A-Z process, and a look at the future developments of Diagnostax.


For those of you who couldn’t make it, we recommend that you book in a 1-on-1 session with Customer Success. We’ll happily talk you through all the key points.

Andrew (Chief Commercial Officer) and Joseph (Customer Success Manager) co-hosted the event. Andrew’s hands on involvement in Diagnostax software development, and Joseph’s experience on the front lines working with our Accountant partners delivered an insightful back and forth presentation.


We had great attendance, and everyone who turned up stuck around ‘til the end! We’re grateful for all the questions we were asked, and got them answered there and then.


Here’s an overview of the webinar headline!



The latest updates have been prioritised and implemented based on your needs. “How do we sell Tax Diagnostics?” “How do I pass down work to my team?” and “How do I get my clients to see the value?” are three questions we wanted practical solutions for.


How do we sell?

Selling something new can be hard. Selling something that clients wrongly think their accountant has covered is even harder. Anything we can do to make your job easier is vital! With our Estimated savings, your clients can easily understand a projection of what the advice could bring into their lives.


The Discovery Questions updates can solidify your pitch furthermore. Encouraging your clients to understand and reflect on just how deeply Tax Advice can reach, whilst getting them to think deeper about the bigger picture.


How do I pass down the work?

Most accountancy professionals, at any level, have what it takes to deliver a Tax Diagnostic Review. We’re not saying that some folks will find it easier than others, but with the right training and practice… the point stands firm! But not everyone can handle the results of a Tax Diagnostic Review.


The process now accommodates for any level of Tax Expertise. Let the software deal with the tax, and let the adviser handle the relationship. You can now appoint different ‘Action Owners’ for each Tax Issue. So even if you don’t know how to help, you can be the person that the client sees as the one getting them help! This is a huge confidence booster for employees, who can now appoint Tax Issues to a ‘Tax Specialist’ rather than making them feel like they have to pretend that they’re the one implementing the advice.


From a managerial perspective, each user can now log their fees whilst managers get a birds-eye view of how the whole team is performing in terms of activity, fee income, and chasing down invoices.


How do I get clients to see the value?

Estimated savings are the obvious answer. A grossing up of the item cost, plus income tax and NI saving quickly and clearly illustrates the value of your service. You can also easily use our software to show a projection of what the savings would look like in 5 years… 10 years… 15 years… you get the picture!


Outside of this, the upgraded Discovery Questions go deeper into the business owners’ personal benefit and circumstances. Raising questions about how much they may or may not have considered sharing with their accountant, PLUS answering the question of ‘What does it mean for me?’.


If you would like a closer look at our latest updates, and have a chat about how to deliver a Tax Diagnostic Review… or collaborate on the intricacies of your strategy… of get your employees trained up… or talk about the future of the software… please book in a call. We’d be happy to talk.

Keep your eyes out for our next event, which will be focused on Selling Tax Diagnostics.

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