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Software Update: Estimated Cash Savings

Picture this. You can automatically quantify your clients’ cash savings, whilst achieving their business and personal goals.

Well DTX’ers our recent Tax Diagnostic Software update, which has been two years in the making by an experienced CTA, is now live! It’s not been easy. It’s been a challenge. But for you, our DTX community, it’s been totally worth it.

So say hello to Estimated Cash Savings!

And at the heart of this software development has been how it can empower you, the advisor, in attracting, diagnosing, and delivering your tax advisory services to your clients.

Plus, from conversations we’ve had with some of you we know that a couple of business goals that mean a lot to you are 1) customer retention and 2) increasing customer lifetime value – and this update has been created with these goals at the forefront.

Estimated Cash Savings

Your Problem

Demonstrating the value of tax advice to your clients.

Our Solution

A built-in calculator which works behind the scenes to generate an estimated cash saving for your clients; demonstrating the value of tax advice in a relatable and tangible way to your clients.

This estimated cash saving is created off the back of the answers you input on behalf of your client or with your client, through completing a Tax Diagnostic Review.

Benefits of new update

Provide critical insight & generate upfront interest with your clients

The more Tax Diagnostic Reviews you complete, the more you’re going to be able to estimate how many savings you can make for your average client. Wouldn’t it be lovely to say:

“With my last 5 clients, the average estimated savings I identified were £8,456 per client!”

Imagine picking up the phone and inviting them to complete a Tax Diagnostic Review, with that figure in your back pocket?

Your clients are at the forefront of what you do. They look to you for guidance. So by offering services to them that are specific to their needs and business goals, it’s a sure-fire way to keep your clients happy and satisfied with your service.

Easily translate the value to your clients

Nothing communicates value to your clients like a ballpark figure. And with the estimated cash savings feature, all the numbers and answers inputted through completing a Tax Diagnostic Review come to life through cashback to the client; easily demonstrating to your client the money they can save.

Prioritise tax issues based on monetary benefit

You will no longer feel overwhelmed as to how to prioiritise or where to start with the tax issues that appear after completing a Tax Diagnostic Review. Through the estimated cash savings feature, the tax issues will appear with the highest cash saving at the top of the list, as shown in the below screenshot.

From here you can then prioritise the tax issues based on a time-sensitive basis or whether the client is interested.

Save Time

Imagine one less calculation for you and your advisers to calculate? Now imagine 30! That’s a lot of time saved for more client facing work and business development.

And with the estimated cash savings calculator being built-in within the Tax Diagnostic Software, there is no need to download, or learn how to operate it; saving even more time!

Improved accuracy of tax issues

Following some of the feedback from our DTX’ers, we have made the standard questions within the Tax Diagnostic Review more specific. So not only are the answers provided within the Tax Diagnostic Review acting as triggers for the estimated cash savings calculation, but the tax issues provided upon completion of a Tax Diagnostic Review are more targeted to your clients' scenario.

Go quantify cash savings for your clients, today!

The team at Diagnostax have been working incredibly hard on this update and are thrilled that you, our DTX’ers, can now use it 🧡

So go complete a Tax Diagnostic Review on one of your clients and check out the Estimated Cash Savings yourself!

As always, we are on a mission to empower you to provide an effective and sustainable tax advisory service to your clients and we are sticking to that promise.

DTX’ers, keep your eyes peeled for more software developments in the coming months, dare we say... weeks 👀 


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