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Software Update: Digitising the Discovery Form

You asked, and we listened. 

Following feedback from some of our DTX’ers (you know who you are 🧡), this is the first piece of the jigsaw when it comes to the upcoming developments of the Diagnostax Portal and Tax Diagnostic Software.  

Our latest Tax Diagnostic Software update has been implemented to make things easier and more seamless for you, our DTX community. Our main goal is ensuring you are more successful when it comes to tax advisory.  

Digitising the Discovery Form 

Your Problem 

Easier access to the Discovery Form so the process of completing a Tax Diagnostic Review is more seamless.  

Our Solution 

To save you and your client managers’ time, we have digitised the Discovery Form 🤩 

But this got us thinking “why should we stop there?” ... 

Well, that’s why we have also improved this much-loved part of the workflow, The Discovery, by bringing in additional numerical elements so that you can make even more effective tax advice decisions on behalf of your clients. 

All you need to do is go into your Tax Diagnostic Software and start a Tax Diagnostic Review. Here’s a direct link if you can’t wait to check it out!  

Benefits of the new update 

User Experience 

The ultimate benefit of improving your experience within your Diagnostax Portal and Tax Diagnostic Software.  

Centralisation of Data 

Say goodbye to the Discovery Form download or creating your own form on a form builder site! And hello centralisation of client data 😍 

Whereas before you would need to download the Discovery Form, which could have led to you to store data in 2 places and having to  copy it over to the Diagnostax portal, digitising the Discovery Form is allowing you to easily pick up with your client their tax saving opportunities all from one place. 

Save Time 

Instead of thinking about which sections of the corporate tax diagnostic are relevant to your client scenario, you can now select a business lifecycle package (shown through the screenshot below). Depending on the package chosen, it will directly impact which sections appear in front of you. These sections will only ask questions about areas of tax suitable for your client’s business lifecycle. 

And we know how valuable your time is 🤝 

Client Awareness & Collaboration 

There will be a new functionality that will allow you to send the partially completed or completed Discovery Questions from the portal to your clients. This will mean your clients can see which bits of information are missing and are then able to provide you with the missing information; making client collaboration easier.  

More Intelligent Workflows 

As mentioned at the start of this blog post, this is the first piece of the jigsaw. By implementing this development, it means that our next developments (which are coming VERY soon!) are more intelligent and responsive to the data that you input into the system.   

DTX’ers, this ones for you  

The team at Diagnostax are incredibly excited for you, our DTX community, to finally be able to see what it is that we have been working on. And more importantly, we cannot wait for you guys to use it! And especially in time for the Busy Season 🙌 

What are you waiting for?  

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