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Connect to Xero

Aligned on innovation

Sharing a vision of creating a new financial landscape for accountants, Diagnostax is integrating  with, the UK’s No1 accounting software, Xero. Our integration enables users to demonstrate their tax expertise, whilst delivering a seamless tax diagnostic experience for their clients.

With many Diagnostax customers already using Xero, integration was an absolute no brainer.

Work better connected

At Diagnostax we want to make tax advice accessible for all that need it, connecting with Xero provides an innovative solution that can help firms, large and small grow and thrive in this disruptive climate. 

Together, Diagnostax and Xero, offer accountancy firms the opportunity to connect the services their clients need in a cost-effective, scalable and intelligent manner. Through the integration accountants can make more accurate, informed decisions, about the tax advice they provide to their clients.

Connect with Xero

Connecting with xero is as easy as 1…2…3

  1. Start a tax diagnostic

To begin, login and select one of the three tax diagnostics to get started; private, corporate or unincorporated.

💥 Boom – Step 1 complete 💥

  1. Connect with Xero to access a client’s personal and financial details.

At the click of a button sync your clients data from Xero, populating the client details and preliminary questions – no need to sit and re-enter data you already have.

💥 Boom – Step 2 complete 💥

  1. Create a tax diagnostic personalised to your client’s circumstances.

Using the data from Xero create a tax diagnostic tailored to your client’s personal and financial details. And you’re away! 


We understand that time is money, and this integration allows you to save both.

To learn more about Diagnostax and how to deliver a tax diagnostic to your client, watch our demo and get in touch today.

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