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Cool Cats

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

7 types of cat are in the accounting industry. The first one is a very common kitty…

Copy cats 🐾 only have one original thing… their company name. They offer a tried & tested service. Did you expect a diss?

Scaredy cats 🐈 hide at the back of the crowd, and who blames them? Me. They never offer anything new, so it’s easy to win their clients.

Cool cats 😻 are marketing gurus, intentionally or not. They have a distinct voice, service and style that’s magnetic to the right clients – they are sure of themselves and their vision.

Fat cats 😸 slide their clients into a ‘sausage factory’ service. “hi, you gotta pay *this much* tax. Speak next year. Bye.”. Their poor clients don’t know any better… shall we tell them?

Cheshire cats 😼 are often found in big firms. Most of their clients wouldn’t recognise their faces. “Hi, errr… we met 6 yrs ago when you signed up. I’m… I’m sorry to hear you’re leaving…meow”

Alley cats 🐱 could’ve been Cheshire cats… but they choose to go above and beyond for their clients. Rogue… they set up their own firms. It’s survival out there, but it’s noble, personable work.

Kittens 😹 are tech-savvy, efficient & flexible – they started on the cloud – and they do bite.

No kitty’s purrrfect, but I only have enough catnip for 3… the three that make the 1%.

  1. Cool cats… you can’t be a marketing guru without being client-centric.

  2. Alley cats… Solopreneurs and Owner Managed Accountancy business owners. Definitely not neutered.

  3. Kittens… the ingenious professionals who pounced onto MTD, Xero, QuickBooks and the forefront of change… starting afresh… whilst everyone else had to haul their businesses onto the cloud.

You lot are legends. We speak to lots of accountants, so believe me when I say that you are way ahead of the UK industry as-a-whole. It’s an absolute pleasure and inspiration, working with you.

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