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Exclusive: Let’s get money back into their businesses

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

The pandemic in the UK doesn’t seem to be budging, and our businesses are being hit with serious cashflow issues and unexpected loss. This sentence has become business as usual, and it sucks. 😅

But it’s not the end, and it most certainly ain’t all doom and gloom.

We’re all in this together

Business owners shouldn’t feel alone. As Accountants and Advisors, we have a duty to identify ways to help them through these unprecedented times. I’m pleased to see many of you respond like the legends you are 😍 1%ers and their peers have led the charge with forecasting, topical social media groups, webinars and toolkits. It’s also not too late to start.

There are ways, many ways… to work together. Advisors, government and clients, alike.

We’ve seen the government launch initiative after initiative, to give businesses and individuals the necessary support to try and survive. But in most cases, this money will eventually need to be paid back. They are important and needed but it’s hard sometimes to estimate just how long it’s going to take to get our hands on these critical funds.

In the initial rush of activity, we've seen advisors utilising the many funding opportunities made available for clients - like the one's in the image below - but tax advice seems to be getting missed out of the mix.

That’s why we’ve put together a Tax Toolkit, for you and your team.

Creating Cashflow with Tax Advice in the mix

The truth is, tax is a very real cost to businesses. With the right advice you can identify major cash injections for your clients. Valuable tax savings could help counteract some of the damage your clients are feeling right now. There are essential and popular advisory opportunities that can get money back in a relatively short timeframe with HMRC.

You see, the beauty of tax savings is, no loans hanging over your head. Just money. Money back into the business, without creating debt. Take R&D Tax Relief as an example, you could help claim up to 33% of the costs incurred on activities that are considered eligible. This money can be used for absolutely anything. 💥💥

Onwards and upwards!

As advisors, we need to collaborate to plan a way forward. Diagnostax & Radish can help get you through this.

New business, new clients. Growth!

Our newsfeeds and inboxes are flooded with support and insights, but that’s not necessarily the case for all clients. I’m predicting a flux in prospecting… you have the power and support to shine brightest and cut through the negativity.

Work and generate £££…

Out of all the ways you can support clients, we know that you can generate paid work, too.

There’s so much support to offer in this period. Some of the biggest cash injections, bits of advice and savings are delivered through classic, chargeable ways. Once tax advice is delivered, savings are made and you get paid.

Check out the ways you can get money back into client’s business, and your own …too!

Let’s talk

As I said, there’s a LOT of info getting circulated 🥵🤯 ‘Information overload’ needs a COVID-19 specific definition……….‘Information Coronaload’?!

e’ve emailed you, we’ve created and shared resources – personally, I’ve found that all this support is half the battle. Things really turn around once I’ve had a chance to talk. On Zoom, of course 😂. I’ve spoken to many advisors now, and we’re plotting for growth, not survival.

Please download the Tax Toolkits and book a call.

We’ll be reaching out to DTXers, to schedule zooms calls in the coming weeks & months but if you’d like to speak before then you’re welcome to book in a call with me.

Let’s talk strategically. I can help you understand and maximise our tax toolkits… and you can speak to a fellow business owner. The most important thing I want to know is: How are you getting on, and how can I help you and your clients?

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