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Finding R&D in Food & Drink

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

New food products appear on the market every day and so it’s no surprise that it is one of the most innovative industries out there. However, what might be surprising are the number of businesses – restaurants and pubs – who are not claiming, and could really benefit from this cash injection into their business right now.


The key questions for clients to consider for any project they have undertaken are:

1. Have you gone beyond “the norm” within your industry?

This could be using new techniques, or re-thinking how something can be achieved because you were constrained by conventional methods. This could be from the types of ingredients used, all the way to the overall process and project management.

2. Have you then had technical uncertainties and challenges in achieving what you have set out to do?

Did you know how you were going to achieve the end goal when you started? Or was it uncertain because of the new or different way were approaching it?


The Gastropub

Our client created a menu with different options for all menu items, to cater for different diets, whilst maintaining a uniform appearance and taste/texture experience to the ‘standard’ menu options. This took careful thought and planning, with rounds of testing and refinement. Costs claimed were for time spent by the chef and kitchen support staff in developing the new dishes.

Claim size £7k cash refund from HMRC.

Wholesale Food Production 

Our client designed and created a vegan substitute chicken and range of battered products. The recipes and designs were based on traditional Far East dishes but required redesigning to fit in with the western palate.

Claim size £12k cash refund from HMRC.

New Food Products  

Our client designed and created vegan energy bars and compostable wrappers for the retail market. The project involved trials, experiments and developments of prototypes.

Claim size £5k cash refund from HMRC.

Cocktail Bar 

A bar and events business offering unique experiences, developed a series of new drink recipes to be served at the bar. The project involved reducing calorie content and changing ingredients, whilst enhancing the flavour and experience. This required careful thought and experimentation by experienced professionals. Costs claimed were for staff time spent developing the new products.

Claim size £4k cash refund from HMRC.

DTX’ers  can get their hands on a document to use with their clients, just drop us an email and we’ll make sure you get this. 

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