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NEW TOOLKIT! Capital Allowances Superpower!

Help clients harness the power of the Capital Allowances Super Deduction

In the 2021 Budget changes were announced to enhance the current Capital Allowances, seeing the introduction of the Capital Allowances Super Deduction. Ultimately, it’s for those clients that are profit making, and have funds available to invest into new assets for the business. You’ll no doubt have the odd client who is clued up on this and is already visualizing their next investment. This business owner is the minority. Most business owners won’t have a clue about the size of the opportunity in front of them. So what’s it all about?


Let’s start with a recap. Before 1st April 2021, a business was able to claim a 100% deduction against business profits on certain capital investments of up to £1m per accounting period. But with the new CAPITAL ALLOWANCES SUPERPOWER businesses can now claim 130% deduction for NEW assets that qualify. The only BUT being, purchases must be made between 1st April 2021 and 31st March 2023, and it only applies to certain new assets. That’s why clients need to look into this sooner rather than later. But they need YOUR help to decide whether they should bring forward that investment to today, or wait.


For our DTX’ers we’ve produced super powerful and unique graphics to make your Capital Allowances Deduction message literally JUMP out at clients and prospects!

With supporting guidance, template emails and other marketing resources for you to reach out, raise awareness, educate your clients and prospects and grab the opportunity with both hands.

So now it’s time to harness the Capital Allowances Superpower for your clients, and we’re here to help. This new superpower is for businesses that are in a profitable position with money available to invest. But they need YOUR help to decide whether they should bring forward that investment to today, or wait.

Take a look inside the building below and discover the types of items that qualify for the Capital Allowances Superpower, there is everything from laptops, to furniture, to lighting systems…….even toilets!

How cool is this…and it’s inside the toolkit ready for DTX’ers to use.


This will be the main question your clients have, and it all depends on the forecasted profits for 1st  April 2023 – 31st March 2024.

The toolkit contains exactly what you need to help guide your clients. It’s another awesome graphic, and you guessed it, it’s ready to use immediately. But we can’t show all our cards in this blog, you’ll have to log in and see it for yourself. 👀

If you have clients with cash available to invest in NEW items before 31st March 2023, you need to make them aware of the Capital Allowances Superpower sooner rather than later.

All Downloads are brought to you by the Tax Toolkits and Intaxicate Marketing services within the Diagnostax Ecosystem, all accessible under one subscription. For information please visit our website.

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