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Our values have had a refresh! Here’s why

Events cost a lot of money. From the exhibition stand to branded swag, you’ll know too how quickly the cost of events can soon rack up.

Couple these costs with our strategy for 2023, we thought the event spend could be better utilised elsewhere. You know how it works in business. The need to allocate resources effectively to ensure you meet business goals. And we applied this exact principle.

From listening to you, our DTX community, we realised that by investing in our product, this would be most beneficial to you to help achieve your business goals. Especially when it comes down to expanding your tax advisory services to clients.

We truly value our advisors, and it is our mission to empower you to be able to provide valuable tax advice to all your clients.

So not only have we invested into the Tax Diagnostic Software (which you have probably seen updates on 👀), but we have also done some self-reflection and thought it was necessary to give our identity a refresh in line with our strategic goals and output for 2023.

That’s why we have given our core values, vision, and mission a well-needed refresh!

Our Refreshed Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We want to empower advisors to provide valuable tax advice to all that need it. By digitalising the A-Z of tax advice and consultancy, to support advisors to attract, diagnose, and deliver a sustainable tax advice service. 


Our vision is to get tax advice to those who need it most: SMEs 

Our Refreshed Values

Be Real 🪞

We consider ourselves an open and approachable bunch.  

Have Heart 🧡 

We are passionate about the world of tax and share our enthusiasm with our community.  

Go Beyond 🚀 

We believe in adopting a forward-thinking approach to tax 

Own It 🙋‍♂️ 

We take responsibility and pride in the work that we do.  

Enjoy the process 💃 

The most important of them all. No matter what it is that we do, whether that is meeting with customers, creating content, documenting processes, or developing software, we enjoy what we do!

Now, why the change of values?

Our old values were us. But they weren’t the truest reflection of ourselves. What we mean by this is that it wasn’t as if the old values didn’t represent us, but more they became long-winded and took away from the key point in which each value represented.

For comparison, here are our old values:

Be Real, Be Open, Know Yourself

Have Heart, Focus & Believe

Break the Mould & Raise the Bar

Own Time, Like an Entrepreneur

Dance, Have Fun & Enjoy the Process

As you can see from our refreshed values, they are basically the same but simplified. Our whole ethos is about simplifying tax, so we should apply this to our identity.

Not only was it important to simplify our values, but it was essential that the values represented you, our DTX’ers! And we can confidentially say that our refreshed values do exactly that 🧡 

Here’s some further context behind each of the refreshed values 👇

Be Real

As you’ll know by now over the course of 2023, the team at Diagnostax have been working on some BIG projects, all of which have had this goal in sight: Customer Success.  

When we think of Customer Success, we believe it is vital to be self-aware.  

Self-awareness in understanding our limitations, where we excel, where we could be bottlenecks, when it’s best to seek advice, and even asking for help, all these factors add to how well we function as a team.  

And it’s through this openness and honesty as a team which we can ensure our customers remain successful. 

Plus, we know that you, our DTX’ers, share these same characteristics 😏🙌 

Have Heart

Let’s have a friendly face provide some further insight into our next core value, you all know Joe, right? He runs all things Customer Success here at Diagnostax. Well, we asked Joe for his thoughts on what ‘Have Heart’ means to him 👇

"The have heart value for me. It's all about believing in what we're doing. Loving what we're doing and staying laser-focused on what it is that we're trying to achieve. You know, revolutionising the way that tax advice is delivered. And creating brilliant solutions and services to help accountants get the end results that they want. And yeah, so. Staying laser-focused on the vision, believing in it, and loving it with all of our hearts as well."

Go Beyond

Here at Diagnostax we believe in adopting a forward-thinking approach when it comes to tax.  

Tax can be complicated, we're the first ones to admit that. And a big part of our ethos is to simplify the world of tax and this simplification comes from being proactive. 

Of course, there will be times where being reactive is needed but the more that we look ahead, the slightly less taxing (😉) our journey will be.  

Own It

Keeping on theme with our OG DTX’ers, we asked Sam, our Director, for her thoughts on what ‘Own It’ means to her 👇

"The value own it to me means completely taking ownership and pride in everything that you do. So taking responsibility for your work in your business area, communications with customers, partners and suppliers. It's about that pride in, it's on you, it's in your name and it's about showing you as your brand and you as a person. It's also being held accountable and holding others accountable for their work, for what they say they're going to do. And that's in the business and in personal life."

Enjoy the process

All businesses experience ups and downs; it’s never plain sailing. Running a business is stressful, it can be overwhelming, you’ll even think “why did I start this?” 

But the truth is, you love it.  

You love running your business, you love empowering your team, and you love it when your customers are successful. And so do we.  

Most of the time we get caught up in the fast-paced environment, the firefighting, but it’s important to take a step back and think “look how far we have come” and it’s equally important to enjoy the process; take satisfaction in the hectic journey you are on, because you’re getting somewhere. 

That’s why ‘Enjoy the process’ is our final value at Diagnostax 🕺💃🏼 

Let’s stop overcomplicating tax advice, together

This is the beginning of a new chapter for Diagnostax and we have even BIGGER plans for 2024. And we are incredibly excited to have you, our DTX’ers, join us on this journey.

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