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Rebellion Biomass Claim £400K R&D

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

We caught up with Bashir Timol, an investor with Rebellion Biomass, to find out a little bit about one of their projects and how they were eligible to make an R&D Tax Claim worth £400K to the business.

Tim: Tell us a bit about the project

Bashir: “Well, the business focuses on the food, energy and waste sectors, to source, develop and nurture early-stage and scale-up businesses with huge commercial potential. The community is made up of like-minded investors, investee companies, and supporters who want to encourage real change. I’m fortunate to be both an investor and represent an investee company.

Projects are only backed where they will have a positive social and environmental impact on the world.

For this particular R&D claim, the project involved two biomass plant developments, to enable the enhanced processing of two different types of organic waste into biofuel.”

Tim: How were you eligible to make a claim?

Bashir: “To get technical – although this isn’t my area of expertise – the aim of each site is to develop a significantly improved process for the conversion of two different types of organic waste products into biofuel.

The first biomass plant, handling mixed wood waste with a much higher level of contaminants & moisture content than a conventional plant, the second site using a mixture of agricultural waste and dry manure.

But to keep it short and sweet, the projects are in the R&D fields of Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, and Renewable Energy Technology!

Tim: What was your experience of making a claim with us?

Bashir: “I mean, we knew that a lot of what we did would qualify but to secure a claim of over £400K is so incredibly valuable to the project.

And despite the potential complexity of our project, the claim process with Radish was stress-free & the team at Radish took on all the hassle, so we didn’t need to.

It’s really as straightforward as they tell you. “ Interested?

Use this link to book in a 15-minute scoping call with one of our consultants. If you qualify, you can then book in to complete the rest of the information online in a 45-minute consultation. One hour of your time, that’s it.

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