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So you’re ready to take on the big firms?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

You’ve gotta love the realness of a networking event. We had a great time meeting the industry, face-to-face at Accountex. The event is leagues ahead, don’t you think? Immersive. Valuable. Diverse.

Now, there’s only so much that can be discussed at a networking event. The time you have to chat is pretty limited and there’s only so much you can learn about an attendee, before you lose their interest to the irresistible pull of Xero. Although, with the number of demos we booked, it seems we were hitting the nail on the head!

We chatted away to loads of you at Accountex about who we are, why we exist and what our software does – so thank you all for taking the time to meet us!

For those of you who want to know a little bit more, we’ve written this article to take the conversation two steps forward.

Who are we? We’re Diagnostax ? (if you didn’t know that, how the hell did you stumble across this?) and we specialise in Tax Diagnostic Software for Accountants.

Why are we here? The weather is abysmal on Jupiter. Oh, and we also want to universally change the way tax advice is delivered, to make it accessible to all who need it.

How does our software help with that? Diagnostax simplifies the tax advisory process, so that you have more time to consistently deliver valuable tax advice to those individuals and businesses that need it.

There are 3 steps to the tax advisory process:

1. Identifying opportunities >>> 2. Consolidating them with the client >>> 3. Implementing the advice/planning  ✓ ✓ ✓

We have created enabling software to raise steps 1 & 2 to a whole new level.

Our software ensures you consistently identify every single tax advisory opportunity that is relevant to a client and provides the tools to systematically take those leads forward. No stone is left unturned. We deal with the legislation so that you can focus on your clients’ deeper needs.

The best bit. You won’t need all the expertise in-house, either. You’ll have access to software with a brain bigger than the combined brain power of a top ten tax team.

OK, that’s the basics.

Now it’s time to talk about what this means to you.

Let’s presume you are somewhere close to a typical Accountexer. Business Owner of a 1 – 4 partner firm? An entrepreneurial accountant, trying to take two steps forward?

Jolly good.

Who are we? We’re still Diagnostax!

Why are we here? We’re here to level the playing field for you.

How does our software help you? With Diagnostax, you’ll identify more advisory opportunities than a large firms’ tax team can. And even if there’s a firm out there who can match that number, they won’t be able to do it as fast as you. Glory be. This is value few clients have rarely EVER experienced.

A large firm implements most of their own tax work, right?

You don’t have the resource to do everything? We’ve got this covered. For you, we understand the opportunities the software identifies cannot always be supported by a hefty tax team. With Diagnostax, you have the option of implementing these advisory opportunities, by referring them to a carefully selected panel of industry experts. Not firm experts. Industry experts. Your clients are serviced in a non-compete manner, of course.

Then there is you.

The people we spoke to at Accountex, more often than not, were the business owners themselves. As a business owner, the relationship, empathy and genuine connection you can have with your clients is priceless. Diagnostax brings an enhanced offering, but your experience as a business owner means that you understand your clients’ needs more than anyone.

When you speak to a client, don’t just position yourself as an accountant, or as a tax advisor, speak Business Owner to Business Owner.

This is the real differentiator (wow, that’s a naff word).

So, if we learned one thing at Accountex, it’s that YOU were ready, ready for enabling technology and ready to take on the ‘BIG’ boys & girls.

And WE can help with that.

If you enjoyed this article, you might want to check out, ‘4 steps to win clients this tax season‘, and access the free download.

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