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Struggling to attract the next generation?

The year is 2018. The tax landscape is almost unrecognisable compared to the 10 years previous. The reason?


Since accounting software companies started targeting your clients you knew nothing would ever be the same again. So, what can you do to make sure you keep up with the constant technological advances, to remain current and fresh?


No, that isn’t a software or computer package, it’s just a fangled way of saying the ‘current’ university students. Those multi-tasking, multi-connected, tech savvy young people who have grown up in a digital age and are looking for a career with instant gratification and new opportunities, “like yesterday?”.

A generation with a difference

The millennials are worlds apart from the work-centric baby boomers and generation X that you are used to. They want different things – they want to make a difference – and so attracting them might be something you’re not quite ready for.

Check out our recent article: “Why young people don’t want a career in tax.

Top tech tools

To be able to attract the next generation, you must ensure that you have the right environment and the right tools. Staying up to date with the latest trends and ensuring that you are ahead of your competitors are just two ways to make your firm more appealing.

The ways of the ‘elders’ are simply not going to cut it anymore, so we wrote a short guide on the top tech you need in your firm:

The mighty pull

It’s important to understand, the pull of the big four is hard to ignore, especially for those fresh students fresh out of university wanting to make a name for themselves. And it’s easy to see how most of the talent is snapped up before you get a look in. It’s your job to get there first. But we have just the thing to help you on your way. The perfect job ad.

It’s probably a little different from what you are used to, but in the world of recruitment, you need to stand out!

Strike now

Hopefully, we’ve given you everything you need to better understand and attract the best young talent to your firm.

With results day just around the corner, take action, plan your strategy and strike whilst the iron is hot!

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