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User experience (UX) – Feedback to functionality

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Feedback from DTX-ers is invaluable to the continuous development of the software. Our customer success team work closely with users, to gather their grumbles and suggested improvements. Whether good and bad, users share their experiences, providing instrumental feedback for the user experience (UX) team.

To ensure that we consider all feedback we have developed a robust system, taking feedback through to functionality.

New ideas!

We love new ideas at Diagnostax! However, it’s important that every single idea is analysed and scoped out to the same level of detail. This prevents new functionality being built that our customers do not need. As a minimum requirement, we ask for a detailed description of the new functionality (including examples where possible), the benefits to the user, identification of functionality that could be impacted, changes to the user and/or client journey and finally technical resource required for the build.

New idea review and approval

First things first, we review the idea detail and check if the feature has already been considered previously, or whether it is linked to any existing development projects.

Next, we compare the idea against all other tasks in development to determine the priority. Priority is assessed based on how all users will be affected and we agree the best approach for all.

If the new idea is approved, it is added to the development plan ready to scope a detailed brief. If there is still uncertainty, the idea is put on hold until other updates have been released and further research is completed.

Create functionality map

The functionality map, provides all the detail our developers need, to build the new feature. Each new page or changed page, must be mapped out, identifying all the individual functionality elements, content and data. At this stage our UX team, create draft illustrative mock-ups of the new feature to guide the development build.

Project build, go!

Armed with all the detail, the build is ready to begin.  With each project, our developers are briefed on the entire journey from both the user perspective and internally for the customer success team. Often the development team will make suggestions and improvements to further enhance the experience for users.

Finally, the development team are provided with a clear visual illustration to be replicated. Then the build begins.

Testing, testing and even more testing

We have a completely separate zone for testing, this is to eliminate any disruption to existing users. Each element of the new functionality is tested thoroughly, until we are ready to release. Once approved the new functionality is ready to go and will be released to users.

If you use Diagnostax and have an idea or suggested improvement for the software, we want to hear from you, simply login to your account and complete the feedback form.

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