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Your Perfect Job Ad

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We write a lot about the skills gap in tax, and how things need to change within many firms in order to attract and retain the right people. Well, here’s our attempt at a job advert, which will probably read a little differently to the ones you’re used to posting. 

Feel free to use it as a template, and don’t forget to let us know how you get on!

Tax Advisor – £40-45k – Manchester

Still not meeting clients?

Still spending the majority of your time on tax compliance?

Reckon there’s more chance of a North Korean election than making partner in your current firm?

What if the grass is actually greener? What if there’s a firm that’s different?

Here at [insert name of firm], we don’t do old tax. We don’t limit the development of our advisors by keeping them hidden away in the dark corners of the office behind mounds of tax returns.

There’s a reason you’re called an advisor. That’s why we think you should be using your technical knowledge to guide clients towards long-term tax planning. We’re not scared of failure. In fact, we want you to make mistakes. We want you to learn by trying new things, because by doing that, we’ll learn as much from you as you will from us. We don’t stifle ideas here.

As a business, we’re always the first to adopt new technology. We believe that automation is a good thing. As a part of the tax team, you’ll lead roll outs, seamlessly integrating the latest platforms into our processes and championing the hottest tools in tax.

Oh, and we’ll map out a clear career path, tailored to you as an individual. No generic development programme. No rubbish e-learning tools. No micromanagement. With us, partnership isn’t just a pipedream.

This is new tax.

This is the future.

And we want you to be part of it.

There are some things we need from you though.

You’ll need to be an experienced tax practitioner, with solid technical skills. You’ll need the ability to build strong client relationships, identify areas of risk, carry out an effective review and know when to refer upwards. Oh, and you’ll obviously have, or be working towards ACA/CA/ACCA/CTA qualifications.

More importantly though, we want innovators. We want renegades. We want people who challenge the status quo. Tax is an industry that shifts constantly. You need to love change and be able to adapt quickly. We want new ideas, fresh eyes and passionate minds.

Yeah, tax can be long hours. It can be emotionally draining. It can make you want to invite your clients in, just so you can beat them round the head with a novelty calculator.

But, you know as well as we do, tax is a great career if you’re with the right firm. A firm that understands the need for personal development. The importance of work/life balance. The value of technology and innovation.

A firm like ours.

Did you see my article, ‘Why you’re rubbish at retaining tax talent‘.

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