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1 woman. 31 days. 37 diagnostics. Blimey!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We had a three-month incentive, giving you all unlimited usage between Nov – Jan. Loads of you stepped up and got plenty of extra diagnostics in. Bravo! 😎

But a small group went above and beyond the majority. A few of you got to 20+ and 30+. One of those legends was Diana Stalioraitiene.

If you want to make more of a killing, the next time we throw something daft like unlimited diagnostics at you… please read on.

Diana has kindly shared her story.

How on earth did she do it?

There’s three ways to do a tax diagnostic.

  1. Behind the scenes (away from the client)

  2. Build your own diagnostic (doing some sections)

  3. Full comprehensive review (taking a client through the whole review)

They all have their benefits, and they all help clients. ✔️

But when it comes to a free-for-all like the one we set up in tax season – do what Diana did!

Diana completed them all behind the scenes, using her knowledge of her customers.

She was still quite new to the software, so this was a great exercise for her – to build up familiarity and confidence with the tool.

After hearing all of this, and drafting this article… we decided to send her 2 questions to help all you readers out.

  1. How did Diana create the plan?

Diana formulated the plan off the back of releasing that she had an unlimited amount of tax diagnostics in that period. She wanted to make the most of that opportunity, to offer as much value to her clients and get an initial familiarity with the software.

Diana’s existing package allocation of tax diagnostics is enough to cover off the top ten percent of her client base.

Diana wanted to use the period to initially get a feel for, and become comfortable with, the software. As such, the plan was to work on the group of clients just below those top ten as this would (a) allow her to get an initial feel and comfort; (b) ensure she was offering even more value to those clients.

Diana ran though each report behind the scenes and not front facing with the client, as this is how she felt most comfortable.

  1. What are her next steps, for these diagnostics?

For anything that was immediately and urgently relevant, Diana has notified the client.

With the 37, Diana plans to meet the clients through the course of the year and re-run the tax diagnostics, having the comfort of having done a test run in advance of that meeting.

Once she’s gained comfort in delivering the tax diagnostic reviews to these clients, she will asap move onto her top 10% clients, with a premium and well-practiced service.

Later, she’ll start using the software for prospecting.

One last point.

As long as you’re getting the most out of the opportunities, we’re laying out for you. We totally encourage you to bend the rules and take as much as you can.

We want you to do the best you can, for your clients.

  1. The next incentive is LIVE, so get planning!

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