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A New Approach To Specialist Tax Advice

You know when a client asks you about your bookkeeping service, and you immediately know what to say? Well, through a Diagnostax subscription, this is true for both Tax Consultancy and now Tax Advice!

In the same way, we built a best-of-breed process for delivering Tax Consultancy, with guides, templates, and visuals to communicate your process. We've done the same for Tax Advice.


Yep, we’ve built out an efficient process that radically improves the client experience, increasing the probability of client engagement for tax advice – here’s what it looks like in a nutshell 👇 👇

This process is supported by template emails, visuals, guidance, process documents, and FAQs. There's everything you need to set up a reliable and scalable Tax Advice service for your clients.

Using these resources will enable you to confidently communicate your tax advice process to clients because, after all, our process is your process!


DTX'ers log in and head to the Tax Panel area, where you will find details of: o The process o The roles and responsibilities of Diagnostax, you, and your client o All templates and resources ready to download o The different ways we can work together o Case Study templates o FAQs

We're confident that once you experience the process, you will find it is the only consistent, repeatable, risk-managed, and optimised process available for delivering tax advice to your clients.

Over the coming weeks, we will be taking a deep dive into the process, explaining:

o Why the Fact-Find is so important

o How to communicate the overall process

o Grading the different levels of tax complexity

o Our unique proposals

o Why the process is better for you, your client & the tax adviser

In the meantime, DTX'ers log in, take a look at the guidance and templates, and get familiar with the process.

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