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August at Diagnostax

Life is more fun if you just play games – Roald Dahl

Office board game day. Who would have predicted the sheer excitement on everyone’s faces!? 😂 (Maybe there’s a reason they’re called board games….)

But don’t be fooled by the long faces. These are faces of pure determination and rivalry (and perhaps the odd sugar crash)!

Connect 4 anyone?

Dun dun da duuuuuun 💒👰🤵💍

Who doesn’t love a wedding? This month we marked a very special day for Sarah in Customer Success, who tied the knot. Congratulations!

We wish Sarah and her partner all the best in their future together.

(Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get a picture of Sarah…..but we did make her desk look very pretty!!)

Get to know: Joe

Senior Marketing Executive

I am yet to experience a greater gift in life than heavy music – it’s my longest and truest love.

People see me as a naturally creative individual, which is hugely beneficial to my career. My theory is that there’s either something missing OR something highlighted in my perception. Whatever works, works though – eh?!

I try to enjoy each day, knowing that life will always be bigger than my reach. I use self-awareness, freedom, consistency and motivation to keep myself steady.

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