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NEW Updates to your tax diagnostic software

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

You might need to catch a breathe when you login – Diagnostax has a brighter, calmer design, styled with intuition in mind. We have also added new functionality that means you can ‘Do a Diagnostax’ away from the client, without any guesswork. Find out more below…

We have a new look!

If you’ve logged in recently, you’ll notice we’ve made some subtle changes to the design of the tax diagnostic software to enhance the feel and look. If you haven’t go check it out 😊 We hope you like them! Remember, we love to receive your feedback, so if there’s anything you want to suggest, use the ‘leave feedback’ button in your account.

The Whats & The Whys

You asked, so we delivered. You’ll be familiar with ‘The Whats & The Whys’ from the question pages of a tax diagnostic review. It’s super handy explanation text about each question showing what it is and why you are asking it.

Well, we’ve now added it to the review and submit page to allow you to fill in the questions behind the scenes and use the review page to talk your client through the questions. This means you can save your client time by completing the questions, but you have the useful info at your fingertips to talk to the client. Bravo!

Companies House coming in

We love a time saver, especially when it adds extra accuracy! So, we now have an API link to Companies House. Whoop. When you add new client’s details to the tax diagnostic, you can select the company from the dropdown & it will automatically pull through the year-end of the company.

Even better reports

We sorted out some spacing issues, added those all-important page numbers, and redesigned the front cover of the PDF report, all based on your feedback. Thank you for the feedback guys 😊

Check with Client & Filter by notes

More time savers for the software, making the service even more efficient. When completing a tax diagnostic there is a new toggle on the question page ‘check with client’. This means you can do the review behind the scenes and flag up questions you need to check with the client in the impact review.

To make a behind the scenes tax diagnostic even easier, we’ve added a new ‘filter by notes’ on the review page. This makes the impact review with the client super-efficient, only focusing on the questions you need to ask them.

Coming soon…

We’re currently in the process of making some exciting changes to your login area… be released later this month. 👏👏

Keep it coming!

As always, keep the feedback coming. The more you share your suggestions with us, we can make the experience even better.

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