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Build Your Own Diagnostic to Win New Clients

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

You deliver lots of services. How many of them include your client?

Taking part creates an opportunity to get a client involved in their finances, goals and their future.

A tax diagnostic review is that kind of service.

Here’s the process, step-by-step…

  1. Book in a prospective meeting

  2. Use the ‘Build Your Own Diagnostic’ tick boxes to select 1 key section

  3. Deliver the review in a short meeting, and show the prospect the results

  4. Let them know, another 8 sections could reveal more.

  5. Reiterate that this is a service you offer to all of your clients, and can be included in their pricing package for £PRICE (Perhaps £500?)

Leave an impression

Using the ‘Build Your Own Diagnostic’ tick boxes, you can take your client through a selected % of the full review. Whether that’s 1 section or a few, it’s almost guaranteed to highlight a tax issue. The review will reveal opportunities to be more tax efficient, that have been previously missed.

And either way, it’s the first time a client will have visibility of their tax position. It will highlight that they’re missing out on something totally NEW.

This is awesome when it comes to winning new clients. You can use a 1-section-taster-experience and it’s results to entice a client into wanting the full service – a service that only Diagnostax users can provide!

It won’t take much time, and it will highlight a flaw in their current accountant’s service. It’ll reveal the other tax gap and the underutilised reliefs they’ve missed.

The most common bit of feedback we hear from clients, after a tax diagnostic review, is “I’ve never had anything like this from my current advisor”.

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