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Connect to QuickBooks

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Another milestone, in the bag!

We connected with Xero last year and now we’re integrated with QuickBooks. 🙌

After a great deal of testing, API matching and coordinating with our dedicated developers… ‘Connect to QuickBooks’ is here!

So, what’s it all about and how can it help our customers?

Key points

  1. Click ‘Connect to QuickBooks’ to automatically populate client data into Diagnostax

  2. Save time when preparing for the tax diagnostic meeting.

  3. Through our QuickBooks integration, you will save time… and so will your clients!

It’s simple…

When you start a new Tax Diagnostic, there are two steps to complete for the client: adding the client’s personal details and completing important financial information to create a tailored Tax Diagnostic.

When servicing any client that isn’t on Xero (or an equivalent system), you have been filling out every detail… manually. We think of ‘manual’ as a dirty word, and we expect our ‘1%er’ readers do too.

Well, now there’s a button. 🖱️

“Connect to QuickBooks” and Diagnostax will pull through any data it can, to make your client journey even easier than it already was.

It’s a 3-step process:

  1. Start a tax diagnostic

  2. Connect with QuickBooks to access client’s personal and financial details

  3. Create a tax diagnostic personalised to your client’s circumstances.

  4. Don’t forget to use the handy checklists to request the information you need to fill out the gaps!

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