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Create your “Tax Power Triangle”

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

If you are a fully digital accountancy business, then sure, it’s easy to pick up lower bracket clients, right? They buy into “digital” straight away; they are easily referred to you from other similar clients; hell, even Quickbooks and Xero throw them at you!

But, if you wanna start playing “big” and really want to compete for those high value, high growth SME and OMB clients against the “so called” big boys and girls of the accountancy world, then start “playing big”, lay the foundations, and get your tax army in place with Diagnostax’s Professional Advisory Panel.

Create Your “Tax Power Triangle”:

Throughout history, the shape of a triangle has been a symbol of strength and a show of power.

Now it’s time to create a “tax power triangle” all of your very own.

Triangle Side 1: The Energy & Spark ⚡️

As the business owner and entrepreneur you provide the initial foundation, the stability and the energy, drive and tenacity to initially create and eventually bring together the “power point” at the top of this triangle. It starts with you and you are the one who will see this through.

Triangle Side 2: The Vehicle 🚗

Diagnostax is the all singing and dancing “vehicle” that sets you apart. Don’t accept being able to match the BIG FIRM down the road when going for that high value client, you’ve invested in tech, a system, a methodology, a vision that sets you apart…who the hell wants to blend in? 1%’ers don’t that’s for sure 🤟. So “do a Diagnostax”, show them something new and reveal something new.

Triangle Point 3: The Army

You might be brill at tax. Hell, some of your team might be. But, you aren’t aiming for “brill”? You are aiming for world-class, so bring in some “tax ringers” into your team.

Here’s where Diagnostax’s Panel comes in…

Tax Advisers and Consultants on Diagnostax’s Professional Advisory Panel, are tax specialists in their area, but also:

  1. Human

  2. Personable

  3. You’d stick ‘em in front of your client

  4. Progressive

  5. Commercial

  6. Non-compete

  7. Independent

  8. Business owners themselves

The Diagnostax Panel has a specialist on it covering every area of tax contained in the software from tax generalists, to specialists on corporate tax, private client, capital allowances, R&D, VAT, International, HMRC Enquiries and so on…

All you need to do is contact us via, give us an indication of the tax area you are looking to cover and we’ll put you in touch with who you need. Build your best of breed panel which can “knock the socks of” the local “big firms” department any day 👌.

Once we have made the introduction, we leave it with you and the tax specialist to build a commercial and strategic partnership to meet your requirements.

At Diagnostax our vision is to universally change the way tax advice is delivered. So come on now…create your “tax power triangle” and come do it with us!

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