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How do you like your reports in the morning? 🎵🎶♪

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I like mine with a kiss. Ahem. But I know some folks like ‘em .pdf or Word format.

One of these folks is Graham, who shared his thoughts with our friend Gwilym, on a call, back in November last year. I’m going to tell him in person right after posting this.

Flexibility lets us serve a wider set of preferences, and that’s important to me. With a word.doc report, you can cut out unwanted content and share a ‘lighter’, more focused copy.

Attaching the report to your emails, as a PDF, makes it more likely to be saved down and valued by your clients. It’s more ‘tangible’ if you know what I mean.

And for all you record-keeping fanatics… a PDF report can be saved and stored in a broader set of locations than the original ‘link’ report. You’re very welcome.

This update was born out of feedback from a quarterly call. However, this paragraph is a REMINDER: You can give us feedback whenever you want, with the big blue ‘LEAVE FEEDBACK’ button that’s ever-present at the top of the software. We want feedback. We neeeeed it. If you’ve got an idea for the software or content in the help centre – please let us know!

Since this request was made in November, it’s been sent as a ticket to our developers… and brought to life. Some things can get sorted at the drop of a hat, but this was a hefty bit of development. The sooner you share your ideas, the sooner we can share them back with you, the 1%.

Have you read about the unincorporated/individual merge?

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