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New DTX’er update: Tim Johnson CTA

The team here at Diagnostax have had a real education over the last couple of years, building a new and disruptive software business. What’s been achieved is pretty awesome, as we now have a product that can add real value; not just for users existing clients, but for winning new clients too!

For me, it feels like a really exciting time to join the team.

My core responsibility will be heading up the content and development of the software to take it through our next stage of growth, and then beyond!

A bit about me

With a background in tax advisory, I primarily class myself as a tax advisor. I’ve been lucky in having exposure to some really interesting transactions, starting from early on in my career, and across a wide range of areas in both private client and corporate.

Over the last few years I’ve also been involved as technical director in a number of successful businesses, starting from nothing to achieving significant growth in a very short period. I’ve worked with several software businesses, understanding how they innovate. I’m also fortunate to be on the audit committee of a Nasdaq listed company; it’s great to have experience and insight into the operations of such a large company.

So I’m confident I can really contribute into our next stage of growth. My experience to date has led me to see that tax is a function like any other and, with proper processes and systems, it can be delivered in a much better way as a service to clients and to empower advisors.

Looking forward As we move forward my main objective will be to ensure that the tax diagnostic tool meets the needs of our customers, allowing them to make a real difference to their clients, especially the new clients they can win. This will come through continuously working on the tax content and functionality, based on the valuable feedback we get from our customers. I’ll also be working closely with a number of our partners to ensure our software is all encompassing and always up to date. Not an easy task, but more than achievable if you have the right partners and amazing internal team!

We’re now ready to kick on to the next growth phase at Diagnostax, and I am really excited to be a part of the journey and to help make it happen.

If you’re new to Diagnostax, take a look at our website, or feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn @TimJohnson.

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