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No more Unincorporated Tax Diagnostic. Sort of.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

A quick, practical update for our users.

We’ve been listening to feedback from customers once again. Usage of the Unincorporated TDT is very low in comparison to the others, and there is significant overlap with the Individual version. As such we have now merged the unincorporated and individual TDTs into one.

You will now find 2 options at the start of a diagnostic review – Corporate and Individual. The content in the Individual now includes all the questions and content that you would have found in the Unincorporated version.

So there is nothing gone, it just means you can go through 1 diagnostic with your individual unincorporated business owners in one session, and manage their follow up within one case file.

We’ve also made sure that if the Individual is not an unincorporated business owner, so isn’t interested in any of those questions, there is not a single additional question asked! Clever eh!

We hope this is good news and helpful but we’re always very happy to hear your feedback!

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