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Paul Miller’s summer of tax diagnostic love

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Here’s a super-bite-sized account of Xero award winner Paul Miller’s summer countdown. (You have unlimited usage ‘til 31st July 2019)

Paul is a legend in our eyes. When we announced unlimited usage, we saw a huge spike in his activity.

I quick-fired a few questions him, to find out more. His responses came back an hour later. Increasing his legendary status.

Here’s what he had to say…

  1. How did you find out about unlimited usage?

Gwil advised me when I spoke to him and I saw on social media. (Follow us: Twitter, LinkedIn)

  1. How has unlimited usage helped you in the countdown to summer?

It changed the dynamics of my accounts meetings with clients.

I say “I was thinking about your business and have carried out a preliminary tax review and have highlighted certain areas that we should focus on.”

  1. Has anything changed from your original approach, because of the unlimited usage?

Yes. I’ve just done them for as many of my accounts meetings as I could.

  1. Why did this opportunity drive that change?

To look after my clients, I had to review what’s in their best interests.

  1. Did any of our resources to help with the summer countdown?

Not really as I am a ‘let’s fly the plane’ person rather than read the manual i.e. I learn best by doing.

(If you’re not like Paul, visit the Help Centre – inside the software – for our templates, guidance, videos and articles. Available to all DTXers)

  1. What would you recommend to tax diagnostic advisors, for next time?

Just get on with it, don’t over think things as the software is intuitive and explains itself.

  1. How did you feel when you found out about unlimited usage?

Yippee! Everyone loves a bargain, it’s in the British psyche, so it’s party time……

Cornish Accounting is a Xero award-winning business, focused on helping their clients…

  1. Achieve their goals

  2. Develop their business

  3. Pay the minimum amount of tax legally possible

  4. Increase profits

Paul Miller is a driving force, and his successful family-run business is still on the rise. A fully digital firm, with the systems in place to expand client relationships beyond his remit.

Diagnostax is helping him offer even more value to his clients, so that he can reduce their number whilst increasing revenue through an advanced, exciting service.

Unlimited usage is never too far away.

In the words of Paul: “Just get on with it, don’t overthink”

If you enjoyed this article, why not read up on Diana’s unlimited usage experience. She completed 37 diagnostics behind the scenes, in 31 days.

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